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Two questions

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Hi there,


Sorry to ask what are probably two simple and stupid questions - but I am incredibly grateful for any advice.


1 - Just to check that if I download FMRTE now, will I be able to use it on an existing FM19 save, or would I need to create a new save for RTE to be available?


2 - In my save, I have an issue editing a staff responsibility. Obviously, I am able to edit most staff responsibilities myself, within the game, but I am keen to edit one of the BOARD responsibilities. The board responsibility, has the section: 'Provides club with financing when needed' attributed to the Chairman, and I want it to be the owner as I know that he has greater resource. Does the FMRTE allow me to edit this board responsibility and change the individual person to somebody else?


Again, any help gratefully received.


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1. yes its a real time editor

2.you can edit the finances directly yourself with the app so doesnt matter who is in charge of finances

but you can also edit the owner to have high resources/ be a sugar daddy etc etc


before you purchase read the FAQ s here I have put a lot on info to help users there is also the guide thread etc

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