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Editing Kits

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Really annoying problem - is there any way to ensure the back of the shirt is the same as the front?

I've played with various hooped and striped teams - QPR, Barcelona etc - and I get that godawful plain back.

I've tried changing the number colour, but that doesn't work.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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this is something I do not use so hopefully someone else can assist 


as an idea I would say the same principal applies to editing kits in the pre game editor and so I would ask over in the SI forums for some input as those are more vibrant and you should get some feedback


iirc there were issues with kit editing even with the pre game editor as it was generating 'failed changes' when users were checking the file, things like this dont get resolved until the final patch from SI


other than that if no joy PM a dev here for some advice

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10 hours ago, san dor said:

hi everyone! is there any way to import some kit/model to edit a team?

do you mean the 2D ones or the 3D ones used in the match 


the former I dont think that is an option

if the later then FMKE does that 

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