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[19] - Editing tables doesnt work


What bugs/issues did you encounter: 

What is your FM version: 19.1.5

What is your FMRTE version: 19

Which operating system are you using: WINDOWS 10 PRO


I am running the current versions of game and FMRTE and as suggested


take nations league as an example

this is table/s when I start game



I edit them with 1/2 games left in most groups and they end up finishing like this ...meaning the real life qualified teams will be in the finals



but the finals are



always found errors like this in editing tables it just doesnt work as intended 



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thanks for the reply


as stated previously I have not seen this feature work correctly across all versions of the app(you can change the tables most definitely....but it still doesnt effect the real outcome of promotion/relegation/UEFA places etc etc and it can cause conflicts too later in game as I have seen due to editing tables 7 teams are promoted instead of 3 or even teams outside a league take part in play off games)

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