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FMRTE 19 for Mac Os

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Hi guys,   A quick update regarding iFMRTE.   We are aware that iFMRTE is not at the same level as FMRTE for Windows.   To fill that gap, I'm currently working on a new v

Command preset option is not available on the mac version yet.

Hi, thanks for the update   Here are some bugs that I've found: There's still missing the search for players that are listed for transfer and loan. The scroll doesn't work on ev

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This Message is translated by Google!! I have bad English, sorry.


Hi, I'm Japanese FM & FMRTE User since 2012.


I'm making a Japanese translation in secret...Like a Ninja!! 


But FMRTE For MAC OS version does not support Japanese fonts.


Would you like to be able to specify Japanese fonts?

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1 hour ago, pavez93 said:

I downloaded the new build 50 update, after having installed it and opened my mac it tells me that it is not possible to start fmrte, as the mac fails to access the presence of malware in the application.
What should I do? Thanks

Can you look at this post 


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1 hour ago, Mike Allright said:

Hi. I got a problem. It says that fmrte supports Fm 2019 touch, but how can I use it on IPad? I downloaded the file (dmg) but can’t do anything more. Please help. Thanks 



The version of FM Touch we support is for desktop (Windows and macOS) we do not support iPad or any other device

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