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FM19 v FMRTE 19

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We used to have a forum for discussing the game but it was hardly used and so we stopped it.


Just thought I would start a thread being as  FM19 is now out(The full game and pre game editor is out later today👍)  so users can discuss the game in here and their use of FMRTE with it.


What do you plan to do with FMRTE/how do you use it etc and how are you finding the game this time around?


Personally I do not play the game until at least January as in the past it has been too buggy and I hate starting a save then finding ridiculous issues eg GK bugs/corner exploits/AI transfer activity/AI not picking best players in squads etc.


My use of FMRTE is to get the DB as near to real life as possible and to eliminate some of those bugs eg UEFA squad selection adding /removing injuries/changing owners/transfers/reduce massively over rated regens/stadium changes/retirements etc etcand one I really love getting the correct International squads.


I do not use it to''cheat'' for myself as I see it pointless  to give myself a $billion or have players with superhuman settings etc...but I am not knocking those that do you pay your money its up to you how you use the app.😉


I will be probably setting up real fixtures /results in pre game editor and editing some rules for various comps hoping some old files work in the new editor so I dont have to redo pre season comps etc this will take a few weeks adding wonderkids too and fixing a few things.

Also this time I am doing some work with a couple of skins to suite my needs, so lots to do


Then I usually will start game with real results up until Xmas/new year and custom start date then take over a club usually in January.


This is not a thread to report issues and bugs with FMRTE it is a thread to discuss the game and what you are using FMRTE to enjoy it more😉


perhaps its somewhere where you can let us know how your tactics are going what systems/training do you use, set pieces etc etc

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would like to see if things have changed with Man Utd in game this time it seemed to be hardcoded they did well in FM18 lol🤬


of interest anyone seen Jose sacked?? I see Pep /Klopp getting dropped  pretty quickly in FM18 and now in  FM19 sims I have run, but I am merely beta testing at this stage so would be good to have some feedback on this and other things you are seeing

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for those who have files you transfer from old to new versions of FM in the pre game editor, its different this year you cant just put files in editor data folder......  

you need to open fm18 editor  export the files you want (uncompressed) and so they will be in .xml format

then import in fm19 editor

for those unsure you can either export them directly to the FM19 editor data folder or save in FM18 and copy over later


NB you have to save/possibly verify the old files in the new editor to get them to work in game:brock:

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finding loads of issues in game once again, its groundhog day and major bugs too if you use real results and a custom start date ..I use the current date with all real results what happens is.....



seen Neyamr/Messi/Pogba left out of UCL squads


AI are not picking full squads seen  eg Marseilles register 16 players for Ligue 1 when they can have 99 players lots of players not getting registered for many of the top clubs its a mess and since latest patch 19.1.4 I have had 4 crash dumps waiting until January now game is unplayable for me.....once again its a mess 


this is with real results starting mid season



this is starting with the real fixtures(not results) pre season and letting game holiday AI picks full squads


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