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FMRTE 19 for Windows

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1 minute ago, BraCa said:

FMRTE 19.3.3 (Build 32) - RELEASED

Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte19



  • Support for FM 19.3.3 game version

cheers quick release again 👍

Users be aware I have reported e few bugs to SI that still are not addressed feedback is there will be another patch ASAP AGAIN to resolve one of those 


if you get a sec can you take a look at this thread please



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hi guys, fmrte 19 does not open, I don't know why, I tried everything, I restarted the laptop, I installed it again, I disabled the antivirus, but still can't open it. I tried to open fmrte 18 and is working fine, I don't know what is the problem with fmrte 19

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12 hours ago, Yavor Raychev said:


I have the same problem. After windows update, I cannot open fm 19 anymore



I have paid for it


Maybe you have answered your own question?!

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1 hour ago, xeromaster said:

I'm also have same problem in fmrte 19, but when I tried to open fmrte 18 and is working. 🙄


Update the software to build 33.

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Football Manager 2019 19.3.4 Minor Update OUT NOW!

Just a quick announcement to say we've just released 19.3.4 via Steam. A changelist of the fixes contained is listed below.

The game should automatically begin to update next time you launch Steam. If you're currently in a game of FM, please remember to save before exiting so you can receive the update. If for whatever reason either doesn't automatically update we recommend restarting Steam.

19.3.4 Changelist

- Further stability fixes
- Allow mentoring within non-first team squads 
- Free agent fix allowing players to sign immediately
- Fix for Belgium League HG player count

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We are aware of the 19.3.4 update, we will update FMRTE as soon as possible.

In the meantime, keep your STEAM offline to prevent it from updating your game

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