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Remove offers?

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Hey guys!


im having an wonderful time playing a LLM game where my players are performing miracles..(fmrte..) and of course intresst arise for my players. I play in italy serie C so they are really low offers so i just reject them all. When my board accepts them they always listen to me when i object.. except in one case...


one of my backup/hot prospect BCs got offers from multiple clubs, well..their U20 teams.. and i dont get the option to o ject to the transfer..and of course off he goes.. iv tried everything but it wont stop the transfer..


ive changed the contracts to 0, he still accepts them..

ive changed the offers to billions, but somehow the serie C and serie B teams find it worth splaying BILLIONS on a player for the reserve team..

i just cant seem to find a way to force stop the move.. and i only need to delay it for a bit since transfer deadline is one day ahead..


is there ANY way to delete offers for a player using FMRTE?

i can see them, and i can change them.. but can i delete them somehow?

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read this it worked for me when I tested it, not playing game yet still getting my pre game files and checks ready 

dont think you can reject the offer in some cases board will step in , this will mean the player wont go though as he rejects their offer


also read the useful tips thread lots of good tips in that too 


useful tips thread

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oh, by any change..

i suspect im gonna be in for a hot summer when the teams come knocking on my door..

you think setting the join date a year ahead would get me in trouble or give me a piece of mind?

i dont wanna be reloading the game 30 times like i did this time =)

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