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Edit Stadium Expansions and completion date

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I was wondering if you guys would consider adding back the options to edit your stadium expansions. It would be great if we could forward the expansion completion date and maybe change the expansion size. 
This should also apply to building new stadiums. It would be a really cool feature that would add alot of value to me atleast. 

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This was a feature that existed in the FMRTE version for FM 2018 and is missing in this years version.

And it worked really fine last year.


I am in the year 2026 now in my savegame and finally got a message of my board that they plan a NEW stadium (they expanded the old one already in 2022)

Hopefully I will have stands all around when it will be finished in a few years (they said this is a work in progress and it will need some time to find a place for it and raise the funds .... doh)


The problem with stadium expansions:

Only the existing stands will be expanded

If you are a relatively small club you usually do not have stands in the corners at the beginning which leads to rediculously wrong looking stadiums when such a ground gets expanded


According to SI it has something to do with (real world) legal problems when players get allowed to actually 'build' stadiums and design their stadiums in a way that they look to close to existing real ones of other clubs.


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