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[18] - Skin/Hair color editor


What bugs/issues did you encounter: Skin/Hair Color editor.

What is your FM version: 18.1.2

What is your FMRTE version: 18

Which operating system are you using: Windows 7


Hello ! 


When I edit skin or hair color, it doesn't change anything in the match engine.

For example, I tried to edit De Bruyne's skin and hair color, and it still looked the same in the game.

I attach 2 screenshots so u can see. 

I'm using FMRTE 18.1.2

Thank you so much for the help !






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I have the same problems here... Players that are bald in the game although they are not in real (ex: Moutinho from Monaco). So, I decided to try and change haircut in FMRTE, but it does not change anything in the amtch engine... Those wrong haircuts are a pain in the ass in my opinion... :-(

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Dear BraCa, thanks for your answer ! 

I think the problem is solved ! I tried 3 different players and it seems to work. 

I will try on other players like regens and I will tell u if it works too. Please let the topic open.

Thank you again !

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