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Changing stadium on FMRTE

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Hey , I had a mistake that made Tottenham play at Wembley instead of playing the new white heart lane after it was built, after buying the fmrte editor, I changed the stadium to the new white hart lane ,  cause Its currently playing premier league games on wembley but playing other competitions on the new white hart lane.

When does the new stadium of tottenham have an effect on fm and on the EPL Games?

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there is no need to post several times and then a @ to someone to reply ...one post would suffice  then wait for a reply, the last post comes across as a prompt for me to reply ASAP and attempt at thread bumping which is against the rules here...dont do this again please ....also other users here can assist not just me 

the links you have given above show spurs should be playing in new white heart lane(but you changed this via fmrte)

you need to explain fully you are in 2028 in game so when you started in 2016 spurs were in old white heart lane?

 then in wembley for new build?

 then should have moved to new stadium in 2018/19 I believe

 I cant understand why you have left it 10 years before doing something about it, I checked in editor and move in date was 2018


there could be reasons why they are not in this stadium sanctions imposed?? new build again?? etc etc 

and this might be an issue with the game FM17 not fmrte17 as at that date spurs will be playing in new stadium years before, no need to edit in fmrte?

if it is you need to report as bug to SI 

I would holiday to new season and see if spurs move to stadium then if not there is a bug

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