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Problem with Freezing Old Player(s)


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What bugs/issues did you encounter: I can't freeze the old player (I cant freeze a player(s) that has -1 ask value and coach attribute at side bar)

What is your FM version: 16.2.0 750467

What is your FMRTE version: Latest Version (I'd tried all version of FMRTE, but still can't freeze the old player)

Which operating system are you using: Win 7

Attach any FMRTE error logs: No error log.

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To help with  your issue can you try the tips outlined here as these help resolve many issues.

After trying them can you please report back and post in your thread if any point helped with your problem.

If none of these tips helped copy the tips 1-9 template below and paste in your thread with a yes/no answer  as soon as possible.

Tips to try to resolve possible bugs

1.Run as administrator- to do this right click on the app and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

2.Download the current version/s-

 FMRTE 17 for Windows 17.3.1 (Build 17)

 iFMRTE 17 for macOs 17.3.1 (Build 17)

3.Reboot your system

4.Debug mode-  Open FMRTE Go to FMRTE Settings and enable 'DEBUGMode'

5.Clear cache- via your user AppData in Windows C:\Users\HEREYOUR USER DETAILS HERE \AppData\Roaming    and find FMRTE file.

For Mac https://macpaw.com/how-to/clear-cache-on-mac

6.Fresh install of fmrte 

7.Clear cache FM17(version being used)- 




8.Verify game integrity FM17(version being used

Restart your computer and launch Steam.

From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.

Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files... button.

Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes.

9.Fresh install FM17(version being used)


NB clearing the cache can result in your preferences being reset to default so back up those settings prior to trying this. Also make a note of your FMRTE license(details can be found in your client area) should you have to enter it again. 

We recommend you always back up your saved game and any other files you want to prior to trying these tips


Please copy the below template and post in your thread answer yes/no to the questions


1.Run FMRTE as administrator- yes/no

2.Dowload current version- yes/no

3.Reboot system- yes/no

4.Debug mode- yes/no

5.Clear cache FMRTE -yes/no

6.Fresh install fmrte-yes/no

7.Clear cache FM17(version being used)- yes/no

8.Verify game integrity FM17(version being used)- yes/no

9.Fresh install FM17(version being used) -yes/no

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4 hours ago, culturedleftfoot said:

you have created 3 threads now on the same issue I did warn you not to do this

NB Previous versions are no longer developed once the latest version ie FM17is released.

I'm so sorry before, I'm newbie here, I didnt know the rules


does FMRTE17 affect to FM16?

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