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FMRTE Freeze Manager Bug


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Hello, I am one of the FMRTE users.

Yesterday I manage to freeze one of my player (lets assume it is Mesut Ozil). So i am changing his attribute to 20 (all of the attributes) and the CA/PA to 250. Later on i press "Freeze" button and all mesut ozil's attributes change to 20. But after several match, maybe 5, his attributes is decreasing by 4. Is there anything wrong with freeze manager or what? Thanks 

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On 10/31/2016 at 2:31 AM, culturedleftfoot said:

Wekcome to the forums

There are very clear guidlines in what to try and how to post possible bugs read the stickies and the info posted everywhere in site

This forum is for discussions on the game i will move  to fmrte forum

I am really sorry about that. :(

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I) Are you running the software in administrator mode?

II) Is your anti-virus blocking the software?

III) Have you ticked the tickbox in the Settings page labelled 'Freeze on start' or similar? I have forgot what it is called.

IV) Are there players actually in the Freeze Manager?

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Hi again

I did exactly what you wrote and doesn´t work:

I run fmrte in administrator mode

Actually i dont have anti-virus (just windows defender :D) and i disable it

I saved the game and loaded later into fmrte

Freeze on start tiked

players on freeze manager

I am gonna die :(


start freeze checked.png

freeze manager.png

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I have same problem. but I know why freezing is not working. When I use freeze button FMRTE make a folder named by number in [C:\BraCa Soft\FMRTE 17\Frozen Players].

In the same time it make xml file which have info about being frozen player. That means freezing is working.

But! When I click load game button FMRTE delete xml file!!! 

So freezing is not working!

I am using window10 pro 64bits. 

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