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[15']Freezer Manager, Payment Methods and a question!


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My freezer manager didnt work anymore... any guide that i can follow? PS: just working for staff members, players, not..

Theres a chance to add more payment methods for other ppl? I suggest paymentwall. For brazilians, at least, is the better way to buy online with credit card, bank transfer and etc.(look, in br is a little more hard to get a international card and paypal doesnt make the conversion anymore..)

I dont have internet in my main pc(that i play fm and use fmrte) and i want buy fmrte 16, but, without internet i dont know if i can activate the licence. Ok, theres an offline activation, but, this option still needing internet!!! Suggestions? 

Edit: how can i get fmrte user title in forum? thx xD

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We cannot add more payment methods at the moment..

About the freeze manager issue, please report it in the bug tracker (http://www.fmrte.com/forums/index.php?/forum/15-bug-tracker/)

Now about offline activation, this is how it works:

  1. You install FMRTE in your computer that doesn't have internet access
  2. In FMRTE, choose the offline activation process, then it will generate a text code
  3. Save that text code (for ex, in a text file)
  4. In another computer (with internet access), you go to http://www.fmrte.com/offlineactivation and use the code generated on step 2
  5. Then you will download a license file
  6. Move that license file to your computer (the one that doesn't have internet access), and use it to activate FMRTE

So basically, offline activation, allows you to activate FMRTE in a computer that doesn't have internet access, but yes, you will need to have access to internet in another device.

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