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FMRTE 13.3.3 Presets

Nathan Webb

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Been a really long time since I've been on here. I had an old FM 2013 save that I wanted to mess around with, so I started creating custom presets. Now there are quite a lot of them that I have no idea how the syntax for it is supposed to be. Is there a list somewhere of what each executable action in the preset manager does or even how you're supposed to set it up?




Edit:This is the error message that comes up "Error Message:Index was outside the bounds of the array." when I don't have the action set properly.

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6 hours ago, Вячеслав Осинский said:

I use the editor FMRTE 20.4.4 to create a preset in the Preset Manager , I need to set the Contract >Transfer/Loan Status, What values do I need to enter to change the status???

I would imagine it is connected with this - so those are the terms to use 



if you have further questions can you start your own thread as this was for FMRTE 13


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