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[RELEASE] iFMRTE v14.3.0.32 (Feedback & Discussion)


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I downloaded - ran it - no problems.....?

Well...With a Trojan you aren't suppose to notice any problems I presume...


  • Classification:  Threatens computer security, allows attackers to steal key information, destroys data and performs other malicious operations, contains other malicious tools, but can't infect other files.
  • Platform:  Compiled with MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language), a pseudo-assembly language which is between an advanced language and Intel assembly language, and can transform .Net code to machine language.
  • Family:  Agent refers to a group of malicious apps with various functions, including Trojans, backdoors and other types. It can attack the user’s computer in various ways."
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Tried to download the update, but I'm getting a warning from Avast saying that it is a Trojan...MSIL:Agent-BPH


Anyone else? Safe?

False positive. The reason Avast! sees it as a Trojan is because the app needs to inject code at a whim (this is also the reason why it needs to run with root privs.). Avast! sees this, rightly, as a threat to your system. It isn't though, so don't worry about it.



I can't find the file after it is installed??

It'll be on Launchpad (5 finger pinch), or just Spotlight it.

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Just bought a license and downloaded the app. But every time I try to open the app it gives me this message:


ERROR Getting Settings folder path: Access to the path: "/Users/username/.config/iFMRTE14" is denied.


I've looked up the phrase but keep getting Windows replies. Any idea whats going on?

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I'm having this problem as well and it's not in launchpad nor can I find it with a spotlight search. Anyone shed any light?

Huh, that's weird. It installs to your Applications folder so there's no reason it should disappear. Try a reinstall.

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I too have the same problem regarding the installation. I installed the without any problem, but I can't seem to find where it is.

It was not in my applications folder nor anywhere on my Mac, very frustrating.. tried re-installing but it still nowhere to be found.


Help please? especially anyone experiencing the same issue.



Edit: after restarting my mac and re-install, it finally works fine.

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