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Here is a basic guide that outlines the features for FMRTE.  It covers the core features like Mass Edit, Search Filters, Preset Manager and more and I will add more PDFs covering more features when I

I just want to point out that this should be a guide for just FMRTE, not iFMRTE since the Windows version has a ton of features that the Mac version has not (shortlisting function, editing future tran

Great effort dude. This is a nice overview of the available features, well done for taking the time to produce this.   Additionally, what would be really nice is if there was a downloadable fully de

How do you mass freeze staff? For players you search for a list of clubs, right click them, freeze all players. For staff what's the mass option, instead of going through each of them? I read the guide, used search, but I can't find anything related to this.




EDIT: The only option I found is club by club.

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6 hours ago, Sheikaleph said:

Hi. I know: I'm an absolute noob, but I have to ask you about it: Can you create a future transfer "from scratch", or it's only possible by editing existing ones?


Thanks a lot.


Hi.  Not from scratch.  You edit existing transfers.

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48 minutes ago, agrendavid said:

I have a quick question, when in FMRTE, and you look at a players stats, you see for example:


CA/PA: 83/170 (87)


What does the "(87)" mean?

Difference between CA and PA.

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Just now, Magnolia_Fan said:

Hey @GREYFOX can you re-attach or share a link to the guide? It's no longer in the OP.


Thanks 😄


Is it really?! One min.


Edit: It downloads for me.  All you do is click on the link in the OP.

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3 hours ago, Lashley said:

Are there any ways to force loans?


Like editing future transfers or something?


You can edit future transfers if there are any.  Forcing loans is a bit tricky.  The simplest way is to edit the manager's tendencies to allow this.

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