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FM15 help

Neil Trivett

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Hi, i know its hard to believe but i'm still enjoying a FM15 save and and when called upon FMRTE15 still works absolutely fine.


My question is, is it possible to move teams to different leagues at all


I'm not trying to move Celtic and Rangers to EPL or anything like that, i'm just wondering if it is possible to move english lower league teams from level 8 or lower to level 7. I don't have any additional leagues that aren't vanilla, conference N\S is loaded. When teams are relegated from conference N\S they are replaced with teams from level 7. Level 7 stays static except for the teams that move to and from conference N\S, meaning the pool of teams that can become playable through promotion from level 7 is only so big.


I am over 120 seasons into the save and would like to see different smaller clubs come into the game, for example, Salford are forever locked out as they are level 8 in the start database. My friend who plays with me supports Kettering Town, they are also locked in level 8.


I am aware the pre-game editor is capable of doing this but at over 120 seasons and almost a decade playing the save, i do not wish to start from the beginning again.


I fear it isn't possible but if anyone can help please let me know




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