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Is it possible to fix competition/scheduling bugs using FMRTE?

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Hello there.

I run a network save with two other friends (FM23). The save was created using editor data that included and made playable Portugal's lower division. This update is known to have caused people problems with scheduling, where, randomly at one season, there's no competitions and no games scheduled on all of the countries leagues, apparently caused by one of the lower divisions which had no schedule prior. Here's a picture:



This happened at the start of 2030/31, and was caused by Braga's regional league, which was not played at all on 2029/30:HAfKOnV.png


My question is if FMRTE is able to help me in any way there, either by somehow making the table/standings for this regional league by hand, and then seeing if the schedules are done, or somehow make the schedules generate myself. I'll do anything. I have a few saves before the schedule generation date (supposed to 1st July on Portugal) if that helps.



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Thanks for your answer.

But just so I can understand, isn't it possible to edit a league's table? How would that not be of any help, if I edit it on a date before the calendar is made?

Sorry for my ignorance

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