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Current & Potential Positional Rating Search/Filter/Sort for In-game Created Shortlists

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First of all, I want to express my gratitude for creating an application like FMRTE. I would like to use a specific feature in the application, but I couldn't find whether this feature exists or not. If it doesn't exist, I kindly request its addition.

When I use Search Filter > Player > General > Positional Rating > Current & Potential + Position in order to search for players based on their ability for specific positions within the game, all players in the game appear in the results. If you are managing one of the top teams, this is convenient as you can select and transfer the players you want. However, when managing a lower-profile or amateur team, especially with this filter, you cannot transfer about 90% of the players found through this search. This renders the listing ineffective.

In Football Manager 2023, under Scouting, you can filter players under the Observation category with options like Uncertain, Not Sure, Slightly Interested, Interested, Very Interested, Extremely Interested, and then transfer the potentially interested players to your team. This allows for creating a shortlist. I can accomplish this with FMRTE, but I can't perform a filter or search on the Positional Rating > Current & Potential + Position for players within this shortlist. Since the general Actual Rating and Potential Rating evaluations are not position-specific, a player listed as MC in the game could have the best potential as AMC, for example. Additionally, I can't determine if FMRTE allows for searching within shortlists or even see the Positional Rating values within the shortlist columns. The only option is to individually open players and check the Scout Information > Positional Rating under FMRTE, which is time-consuming and difficult with long lists.

Is it possible to achieve what I want to do? Can the game's internally created Shortlists be used as the primary data source and allow for a Search Filter > Player > General > Positional Rating > Current & Potential + Position search? Alternatively, when opening the internally created shortlists in FMRTE, can the Positional Rating values be visible through columns?







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FMRTE allows importing of shortlists but not as I can see anyway of searching specifically as you want to do within that list


IMO a good request

but I am ok with current set up as you can see a players position 

so again IMO I would see  other features as a more pressing[if possible😉] as stated you can see a players position and if you want more info scout the player to get full knowledge



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