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league fixtures[wip] read the opening post

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Real fixtures and tv  dates (if i have correct information) and results. All FIXTURES COMPATIBLE WITH 23.2 UPDATE. I have copied all fixtures into new files so any RULE CHANGES made in the 23.2 update work eg var in Scottish Prem. I have once again altered the CARABAO CUP to match this season one match on a thurs per round i have also split the 4th round up instead of all games been played on a Tue. All files have been tested over a full season and work as intended. In real results there maybe the odd random result because of any games postponed in real life i keep to the original date to prevent fixture congestion and to keep it real for anyone starting a full season. I cant do anything about games sometimes been switched because of European or Domestic cup games.

Instructions extract the zip place files - documents - sports interactive -football manager 2023 -editor data 


Fixtures are for the following leagues[WIP]


England prem to conference north/south

Bundesliga 1+2+3

La Liga 1+2

Serie A + B

Scottish Premier League to League 2

Croatia 1st Division 

Portugal 1+2

Slovenia 1st Division 

Netherlands 1st Division

Austria 1st Division

Belgium 1st Division

Poland 1st Division

Denmark 1st Division

Turkey[issues with rule changes so unable to add at this stage]

France[issues with rule changes so unable to add at this stage]


current results are up to and including 13/3/23 

I will update all fixtures and results when the final update arrives 





Download culturedleftfoot's custom start date here 


league fixtures.zip

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  • culturedleftfoot changed the title to league fixtures[wip] read the opening post

Bonus update for those of you wanting to start new saves all results up to and including 1st Feb. Denmark 1st and 2nd divisions added no more updates till official winter update, please note world cup results / winner will be random

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URGENT UPDATE i am sorry but as expected if the winter update drops this week i will not be able to update fixture and results im in the middle of a house move decorating ect ive no access to me pc atm the earliest i will be able to update these files is the week commencing 7th march you can update the file yourself be uploading them in the editor and verify them with the winter update . sorry but real life somtimes takes over 

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Has anyone idea how to make it work Germany and Portugal for the new update? I managed to do the others, but for these two there is something with the rules, and I don't understand so much about editing.

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fixtures and results all updated to and including 13/3/23. Remember these are the original fixture schedules, so there may be random results for postponed fixtures. Next update after the final  winter update

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