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Future Feature Requests/Suggestions Poll[multiple choice voting options]

Future Feature Requests you would like added[Vote for as many as you want-but you cant add/edit your choices once submitted]  

90 members have voted

  1. 1. Future Feature Requests you would like added

    • Transfer a player with a fee exchanged between clubs[instantly or with a future later transfer date]
    • Create new players/person into the DB
    • Make AI Manager unsackable
    • Transfer staff (rather than swap)instantly or in future
    • Option to change a person's 'type' -player/non player etc
    • Swap AI/Human manager with any AI Manager-club+International [and or both]
    • Copy+paste whole pages/sections in FMRTE for players/clubs/Nations
    • Edit/add the number of season ticket holders +price
    • Add T.V. Money
    • Match Ticket price[currently not working]
    • Modify history- players/staff/clubs/competitions
    • More club features-ownership types- change the''continental cup nation''/based nation for a club
    • Edit all names (player/club/stadium/competitions etc)
    • Register players for All/relevant Continental Competitions not just European Champions League
    • "likes person/likes club" as a pre-set to allow mass editing
    • Add/edit ''partnerships'
    • Add more playing formations for clubs/AI managers(be able to import own tactic into FMRTE
    • Other[please post in this thread clearly what you want added]

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  • 3 weeks later...

For FM24. Is it possible to increase the speed of player training, for example, the critical value in position training is tripled, the secondary value is doubled, and the additional training items are increased by 2 times. And this is only for player-managed teams only.

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  • 3 weeks later...

For Mass Edit/Preset


Possibility to mass edit or creater a preset to give players a second nationality


For example:

I have a shortlist of players born in poland but without polish nationality (as they are generated in england/ grown up there) and i want to give them polish and 2nd nationality.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have 2 requests,


One of which is listed (change a player status to make them a non-player staff if I want to) which i voted for.


The second is similar to TV revenue but probably different. The ability to have an injection of revenue (which counts towards FFP) on a specified date. The sponsorship table is cool, but generally pays out once a year which is not ideal when spending alot of money quickly.

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FMRTE 24 Features i would like to see:

@BraCa Please consider some of these, It will enhance FMRTE even more. 

1. Accelerate player development without having to edit Professionalism. 

Add a filter to it by age: for example "If we only want to develop player between certain ages".

2. Board accepting every request - Right now - only way to increase Managers Determination and then ask, Which doesnt work all the time.

3. Player agree with everything you say.

4. Players always train at 10 rating






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