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  1. jonesyboy

    FMRTE does not support game version 16.3.0

    If you can't wait, you could always use the official ingame editor in the meantime while waiting for fmrte. That still works, even straight after it was updated.
  2. jonesyboy

    Can I change match results?

    No it's not possible once the season has finished, for the changes to take affect.. you need to wait untill a match fixture for the league plays out, and then the table changes afterwards. Also, I wouldn't change the table if a team has already been relegated before the season finishes. Once the team has a relegation next to their name, and have been officially confirmed relegated on the game. If you change their League points and they move out of the relegation zone, the game crashes and creates a crashdump at the end of the season and you lose your save game file. Same goes for promotion and playoffs, once a team has officially qualified for the playoffs or automatic promotion.. don't mess with their points/position, it will cause the game to crash. You need to make sure you change their points before they are confirmed relegated/promoted etc.
  3. jonesyboy

    [RELEASE] FMRTE v15.3.2.16 (Feedback & Discussion)

    Hi, does FMRTE no longer have the 'will leave at the end of contract' button? Which then shows on the players profile 'leaving on a free' It comes in handy when players in real life leave at the end of the season, but on FM they keep signing a new deal
  4. jonesyboy

    [RELEASE] FMRTE v15.3.2.16 (Feedback & Discussion)

    Since the latest update, the 'show current screen' button doesn't work. When clicking the button, it does nothing at all anymore.
  5. jonesyboy

    FMRTE for Version 15.3.1

    Thanks for the heads up. It's working, but it seems the 'show current screen' button as stopped working once again.
  6. jonesyboy

    FMRTE for Version 15.3.1

    Like others I can't keep it offline all the time, I play other games online with friends through Steam.. so keeping it offline all the time is not an option. I do certainly put it to offline when I know an official update is due (not long after official release/Xmas and February) After that there is usually no more patches, and they focus on the next version of FM.. so it caught me (and others) by surprise.
  7. jonesyboy

    FMRTE for Version 15.3.1

    Why does the 'do not update' not work with Steam. Really annoying.. set to offline mode is the only option, and I use that when I know a update is due for coming out. Didn't expect another update, and it updated out of the blue.
  8. jonesyboy

    Making AI Manager contract expire- isn't working

    Ok, I've found a solution.. but it takes abit of hard work. Change the managers contract to part time, make it expire 2 days from the current ingame date, on the managers relations screen, make him hate the club he's managing 100%. On the club relations, make them hate the manager 100% perm. Change the managers CA/PA to something really low, I took a '1' off 110/135 and changed it to 10/35 (so I could easily remember what is ca/pa is when changing it back after) Also change his home/current and world reputation to a low number. Again I removed all the first digits from 4891/4468/3069 and changed them to 891/468/69. (Then remember to add a 4,4 and 3 back to the begining of them when he's left) The next day the manager rejects a contract offer from the club, then the day after (when his conract expires) he finally leaves the club. Tried loads and loads of different things with fmrte, but this is the only way I have managed to get the manager to leave the club.
  9. I am trying to make a manager leave a club, ive tried changing his contract expiry date to 1999.. but nothing happens, he just remains in charge. (also tried the current ingame date, the next ingame date etc) but he never leaves the club he's managing. The changes are working and take affect in the game, as on the manager profile screen, it shows his contract expiry date as the date I set it to with fmrte.. but he's still managing the club? I tried continuing the game on for 2 weeks, and nothing happened, he still remained in charge. This used to work on previous fmrte for previous fm's. Not sure what im doing wrong? I have even tried the 'make it expire' button with fmrte, even though I know this makes all the staffs contracts expire.. but even this isnt working.
  10. jonesyboy

    FMRTE 14 & Changing Player Nationality?

    Ah, just realised nothing was working. Changing age/budgets etc, and clicking save on FMRTE and they were not affecting the game. Then I remembered I'd recently installed a game booster, and was using 'other software' for the ingame rendering. So I changed that back to 'GPU Assisted(supports animations)' and like magic.. FMRTE is working once again.. including the 'change nationality'.
  11. Never had any problems with this on previous fmrte's. Trying to sign a Nigerian player for the English League One, but he keeps getting denied a work permit. So I try changing his nationality, change it on FMRTE(click the save button) but it's not changing or registering in the game.. the player is still showing as Nigerian (even though on FMRTE it shows as English) and so he still keeps getting denied a work permit. Like I said, I never had any problem changing Nationality to get a work permit on previous FM's. (I'd change them to Romainian, then once they got the work permit and joined my squad.. I'd change them back to their original Nationality) I've also saved the game on the 15th, and the work permit is due on the 17th (so it's not becuase the game is not getting enough time to register the new Nationality etc) Any ideas, not sure what I'm doing wrong......
  12. That's a shame, but thanks anyway. Hopefully someday you may have time to do the quick fix for the FMRTE for FM11.. if not then no worries. Keep up the good work.
  13. Hey, I've gone back to FM11 (since 8 months ago) Anyway I want to stop a player from retiring.. so I deleted the text in the 'retire date' tab.. which removed the retirement.. but whenever I click on the players 'personal' tab after removing it, the game instantly crashes and creates a crash dump. I remember this issue was raised and fixed with the fmrte for FM12.. here is an link to an old thread about it: I was wondering if there was any chance Braca could do a quick update and apply this same fix to the FMRTE for FM11? Would be very much appreciated.
  14. jonesyboy

    FMRTE 13 for Football Manager 2013 - Information

    im just lookin further ahead, im sure wen people were borrowin loads of money from the banks a few years ago.. people were lovin it at the time and not thinkin about things further down the line. all im saying is i can see that these reasonable times bein short lived, but i guess your right i should enjoy them even more so then.. and cross that bridge wen we get to it.
  15. jonesyboy

    FMRTE 13 for Football Manager 2013 - Information

    ye I totally agree.. n ill be paying again. But iv got a feelin it will keep goin up every year.. untill it becomes unreasonable.

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