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  3. FMRTE 21 failed to load the game, saying the version is not supported, while the detected version is actually in the supported list, as the following figure shows. And certainly, the game has already been fully loaded, and saved for several times.
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  6. I have tried to edit a few things. Some edits work fine, some work partially, some don't work at all. Club colours, stadium details and player injuries can be edited without a problem, but changing kit colours doesn't work at all, and editing financial details only works partially (for example: changing budget reinvestment percentage works, but changing average ticket price doesn't). The main reason I got this tools was to edit kit colours, so it's very disappointing that that is one of the few things that doesn't work. I have tried a few things to resolve the issue: I unticked 'Allow Licensed Kits', I changed the 'year' attribute on all the kits to the current year in the game, I removed my custom designed kits from the graphics folder and reloaded the skin to put the default kits back in the game. Obviously none of them worked. What could be causing this issue?
  7. As of today FMRTE22 has become unusable for me. Whenever I load game it takes several minutes to load. During which CPU load slowly creeps up to 95%. After the application finishes loading CPU stays above 95% constantly and the application is so slow as to be unusable (doesn't even respond to the X in the top right corner anymore. Have to force kill from taskmanager) OS: Windows 11 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Already tried: -Reinstalling FMRTE -Clearing cache from AppData -Completely disabling Microsoft Defender
  8. closing as issue is game related PM me if there is an update to add cheers
  9. Hi the post and title dont seem to match and is overall a bit confusing. how is a created player made in the pre game editor showing in game if its disabled? Do you mean pressing this button? can you clarify things by first reading this and posting accordingly and provide a screenshot to assist with understanding the issue cheers
  10. closing thread @aviadal PM when ready to move this on
  11. I have been experiencing crashes mass editing for the past few months on FM21 and originally thought it was to do with the Mass Edit options as that is how I was mostly editing youngsters so I recently changed to create various presets in the preset manager, then search for players and then apply the preset. On the latest test save I was running this seemed to fix the issue as I would make some changes then wait a few months and if the game didn't crash within that time then it seemed to be good. However after the latest edits the game is now crashing. https://file.io/E0CrMd3PMrnv - Save file (too large for your upload) I thought there was an issue with attributes going over the min and max limits (1 and 20) but when I look at the players I have recently edited I can't find any that have that issue. The changes I made were to hidden, mental and physical attributes along with CA, PA and rep changes. I also changed age on those that were 16 and 17 years old to -1 years. I was concerned that editing age down to 14 can also cause issues so I now never bring down anyones age to below 15 but again this doesn't seem to be the problem here. Aside from those changes I haven't made any other recently in the save aside from making a free agent physio have 20 Physiotherapy and then signing him to my team in Brazil. For this I created staff members using the in game editor, and then exporting the profile within FMRTE to upgrade staff (making sure their CA/PA is correct rather than guessing as you have to if just using FMRTE). If you need any more information then let me know as it would be great to get this sorted. Thanks.
  12. so i made the player and i disabled the editor fot this save and this guy. I clicked on him and i clicked the screen on fmrte and nothing happened i do it on another player and it happens normally plz help
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  14. Hi I think you mean youth rating there is no feature for regens? you need to provide a screenshot to assist and read this thread and post accordingly I will also move to the correct forum cheers
  15. Hi This would appear to be a bug so report it in the bugs forum in future read this thread and post the information required cheers
  16. Thats the question. I have FMRTE 21 but it doesnt appear.
  17. Please see below image. Basically, when changing the STADIUM OWNER the CLUB OWNED BY in game changes. Is there an update or error fix for this?
  18. haha Yes that's was the only thing I could think of, Doing, Thanks for replying and confirming my thoughts, I appreciate it. I wish there was an option to 'future transfer' section to make them hire me for Sure :)))
  19. I see you have edited your post with what I was suggesting anyway👍
  20. Hi Jason I will move this to the archive section as this forum is just for the current version FMRTE22. I do not have access to the version you are using I would suggest if there are options in the relation tab for the club chairman/owner etc you set yourself as liked and do the same if the club has a relation tab set the club to like you
  21. Apologies, I haven't seen a Forum Category for older versions of FMRTE , but I just purchased FMRTE 12 to check out an old save game I have. My Question is; I am a successful manager already won local / international few tournaments. I am just coaching a national team currently. A team I am interested in, (In the same league as my nation team I am coaching) is about to get rid off their manager. I always apply to the job, although I never made a comment to the 'hiring rumors' seems like they always end up hiring their own in-house coach as their manager. Is there a way just to use FMRTE 12 to make that team offer me a job instead so I can get a hold of this time naturally without creating a new manager? Can you achieve this with some edit on FMRTE 12? Like what if I edit their chairman "Relations" screen and put myself as someone he clearly "Likes" would that make them offer me a job instead of promoting their inhouse to the managerial position? any comment is appreciated. Jason
  22. it looks like a bug report it to their bugs forum cheers
  23. But I can't find another head coach in my first team staff list so that's pretty weird. Also I am using the official 22.4.0 database and the only thing "unofficial" is the skin I use. So how to ask over at SI? Anyway thanks for replying.
  24. Hi you have 2 head coaches which looks a bug in game to ask over at SI or you may be using added files where changes have been made and caused this issue? set one of the head coaches contract to expire asap and make him old and he will be released by the club
  25. Managing Sporting Gijon at the moment. Why do I have two head coaches? Is there a way to fix this using FMRTE?
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