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  3. I tried to Destroy England using FMRTE 2020. Before the start up the match all credentials for the player show as poor. But when the match starts, alll look normal. How to resolve this?
  4. this is something I have asked for before as a feature request either be able to have the career plan option and/or also be able to change the person type too from player to/non player etc
  5. bug reported submitted so closing thread any replies will be in the bug report from Braca
  6. if he doesnt want a job at this stage not a lot you can do.....only way in theory would be pre game(no use to you in a save) and setting up in career plans for player/s to want to be a coach etc in future this way they wont fully retire and will stay as a non player in the DB he should in theory take a non playing job IF he wants to work for you/your club -so in relation tab I would make sure he likes you/club As Grey says that interaction is the way to go as I have seen by doing this after a chat the play will announce he will retire from playing and have a non player or player/non player status thus allowing the option to offer a contract/staff job
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  8. Hi, I've been getting back into FM(14) and I installed FMRTE for it. I'm messing about with the settings, as I haven't used it in years. I went to Club Settings and added 'Preferred Moves' to the screen. When I go to my Team tab, it only gives me strings of numbers under the Preferred Moves column. If it helps, it gives the same number for two different players who have 'Avoid Weaker Foot' - 17179869184 Is there a fix for this? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I've just noticed that they seem to have been flagged as bits - 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc... ‭8,589,934,592‬, 17,179,869,184 etc... Does this mean that there's a translation text file missing or the code for translating from the flags to text is missing?
  9. UPDATE: I've edited Sarri's preferred formation to an out-and-out diamond which has more or less given me the desired effect... The request still stands though! Would be a really useful addition to the editor.
  10. Just going to bump this topic. This is the main reason I went hunting for a real-time editor! Sarri has been managing Man City on my game with a 4312 formation, but due to the 'preferred central position' of the players he has, Bernardo Silva ends up as the de facto sitting player, and Tonali plays as an attacking Mezzala from the right. I don't think it's a stretch to suggest that IRL they would be deployed the other way round. Is this a feasible feature that could be added to the editor in future?
  11. I think I've spotted a potential bug that I posted on the forums about here. @culturedleftfoot also tested this out and found the same issue. It seems that there is either an issue with using edited databases (I'm using TheFMEditor's tier 10 England database) or that, in general, a player on a non-contract or amateur contract can't have there contract changed and an expiration date assigned to it. See below my initial post in the forum.
  12. Yeah I know that I can recommend a staff role in his Interaction page, and actually I have tried all of those stuff roles but none of them works. But I haven't check his Professionalism and Ambition yet, I will try it later. Hopefully it will work. Thank you.
  13. Maybe increasing his Professionalism and Ambition will work? Try Temperament too. You can recommend a staff role in his Interaction page, providing the option is there.
  14. Is there any way to 'force' a player to become a coach after retirement? I have tried many times in the game but David Silva refuse to do any stuff job after retirement, as well as Sergio Aguero. In FM19, I remember that David Silva would like to be a coach after retirement and Sergio Aguero finally agree to be a coach after I askes him a few times in 2023 approximately.
  15. Hi I see you put 12749, personally I use 12750 and the players seem to keep to top 90 and some even for 100 through the whole match. Depending on added time and extra time of course. The morale I don't tend to change, I think if a players in not up for playing for me I am not going to help him out with a morale boost every match or so. They get sold, an unhappy player tend to make disharmony amongst the squad. This leading to: 11 seasons in, 25 players in my first team, 18 is in my core social group the rest 7 are in the secondary group. All are highly influental or higher. Thus my team fights for each other the match through and are almost never losing a match. 2-3 losses a season at maximum, 5-10 draws, the rest are wins and some by a big margin (6-0 or even up to 12-0) Keeping my match tactics the precisely the same, other manager try tweaking theirs to make it harder and harder by the season. But still I got an upper hand, yet...
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  17. as Grey says not possible in an IGE however it is pre game get into the advanced rules and tick the allow B teams
  18. Can you please compress the graphics folder of FM2020 (usually it's located at Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics) and upload it to dropbox or any other filehost, so that I can take a look?
  19. Nope, sorry. This is not possible in FMRTE. I am confident the pre-game editor can do this.
  20. Hi Guys, I would like to have it the other way around. Does FMRTE have the option to change the regulations, in the save game, of the 'Jong' teams in de Dutch 2nd league? I would like Jong Ajax to be able to promote to the eredivisie.
  21. Great thread, everyone! But what's the combined expertise saying for FM20? My experiences:- The 29 Position cheat seems to work but I can't freeze it so I have to do it every game (note - my player, Eze, scores more and assists more but his underlying stats don't improve!). Any other fitness/match condition cheat that I have tried apart from 12749 Match exercise 12749 Match sharpness, 20 morale 0 jadedness actually results in the player fatiguing quicker in my games.
  22. I know what you mean I suggested to SI several times an option for current form but they weren't really interested I don't think it's possible in fmrte but only braca could confirm that
  23. Hey, one thing that's always annoyed me a little about FM is how good players stay good/bad players stay bad for long periods of time - whereas in real life we know player abilities can fluctuate quite massively season to season (Ayew at Palace this year vs. last, Mo Salah last year at Liverpool exploding into a world class player, de Bruyne at Wolfsburg etc.) I was wondering if it would be possible to add a feature to the mass editor that would change the CA of every player in the game by a random about between (for example) -5 and +5. Currently I can do a version of this by editting every player with 150 skill and then changing it to 145-155 based on the result of a random number generator, but that's an imperfect solution for sure. Would be cool to have this admittedly niche idea as a feature to give the game a whole new 'mode' Thanks for reading!
  24. All received. Just thought I would post this info for others, in case they were looking to do this. It is actually achievable with FMRTE. Once inside the editor, go to the kits section. You will see various colour panels and it also mentions FMKE. If you alter the home shirt on here to match your created team and save, that will display in-game on the tactics page. If you amend the team message colours, that will change the in-game header, to match the colours you want and also the jersey number colour alteration works too (which was the main one for me). If you have an existing 3D shirt you are using, don't worry it doesn't overwrite this, just the number colouring. Just thought I would share this with others. Thanks FMRTE
  25. Yes mate this has been an option for years really. You dont even have to search for the stadium separately it will show in the club info page on the right under stadium so especially if you are wanting to edit other teams stadium just type the club name as its easier especially if you are unsure of what the actual stadium is called😉 I will move this to the main forum as this forum is for feature requests and this is already in FMRTE😉 Happy editing
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