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  3. not a problem mate hope that works also worth trying a new save just to see if that helps, I had a couple of bugs not show up after starting a new save 😉
  4. I ask SI, but no response. Will try changing skin as well, thanks a lot because the edit seems to help.
  5. sounds like a bug mate try changing the skin to default and see if it shows then if not report at SI you can use the workaround for the time being but it needs to be addressed by SI cheers
  6. Yep, I don't get that screen. Wish I did. The edit loan contract seems to work however. Good advice. I wanted to reset the option if possible, but can't find it. Windows 10? No idea what my issue is.
  7. domestic clubs it starts at 1 month mate
  8. a quick look and the minimum loan is 3 months for me on a test at chelsea
  9. I am playing in England. Happened in Championship and in EPL. Affiliate in Vanarama Lower, and now in Vanarama National. Have not edited the loan end date, but maybe that is a workaround to get past 1 month.
  10. Hi Thats something I wasnt aware off. What team/ league? as there may be rules/conditions in game stating the duration Have you edited the loan contract end date using FMRTE as you can set that to be as long as you want I will have a look in a minute to see anything odd going on
  11. Did you set all the Supporter Profile items to 20 in that section of your team settings? If so, then it can take a few seasons for the supporters to "buy in". Also, if the town is too small, it may take some time to develop an National reputation to draw from the surrounding area.
  12. When I loan a player to an affiliate (same nation), it always defaults to 1 month, without asking. Is that because I am using FMRTE, or is there some other issue? I asked the sigames forum and got not response. I am playing FM20. I am doing it at the beginning of the season, so it's not an end of season issue. I get no option to establish loan duration at the first "squad move to affiliate" as in past versions. I doubt that I checked "don't ask again" but it could have happened in a late night game 🙂 If that is the case, the FM20 preference settings are much different than previous versions and I can't figure out how to undo that. Any help is appreciated.
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  14. Wish the freezermanager with settings could be in the next version.
  15. Last week
  16. Cheers mate. Worked a treat. Much appreciated
  17. Hello my team is Bath city who I have managed to get promoted into the premier division, but my supporters are only filling the stadium a third full! The board built a new stadium but I am really struggling to attract my supporters Is there anyway I can boost the supporters profile using FMRTE 20 Any advise will be greatly appreciated!
  18. Here is one I use to keep clubs from selling a player (start date/signed date is in the future) but you could just set up an end date only
  19. Just set up a preset mate simple and quick I have put details in FAQ how to set up
  20. Hey folks. Is there any way that I can use the Mass Edit feature tp change every players contract expiration date? Regards
  21. I can't use because it says "system.windows.application"的类型初始值设定引发异常。
  22. also just noticing the retire date has passed and therefore I would suggest this is a bug in game rather than FMRTE yet the retire tab should still show?
  23. Running all latest versions of game /App and as suggested the player is showing he will retire This then results in a tab being generated which the retirement date can be edited, but its missing? as below the tab is there
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