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  2. Hi. I am sure that is already there unless it has been turned off in FMRTE 20. This is in FMRTE 19. I don't have FM 20 yet so I can only base my response on FMRTE 19.
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  5. Thanks, this will be fixed in our next release.
  6. BraCa

    Sell on Clause

    Thanks for your report, this will be fixed in our next release.
  7. Thank you for clearing this up, You can close this thread.
  8. Hi All, I am still using the FM2016 version as I have not had the chance to upgrade to FM20 yet, and I am trying to activate my FMRTE License online, as I have not played for a while, and although I have entered the license online and it states it has activated, everytime I try to make a change it states I need to activate again. Please can you advise if there is an error with this version. Database and versions have all been updated accordingly. My history is showing this is in use but my settings will not change to Active. Please can someone help. Thanks,
  9. Hi, it would be great if the "Highlight Key Attributes" panel including the newer roles (mezzala, pressing forward etc etc)
  10. Hi, FMRTE supports FM and FM Touch for Windows and macOS, so you cannot use FMRTE with Android, Nintendo Switch or any other operating system. Cheers
  11. Right click-->Copy Name To Clipboard An unexpected error error.log
  12. Hi no idea on this only use Windows supported versions are- Supported Versions Football Manager 2020 - 20.2.1 (1326301) Football Manager 2020 - 20.2.0 (1323779) Football Manager 2020 - 20.1.4 (1318683) Football Manager 2020 - 20.1.3 (1317497) Football Manager Touch 2020 - 20.2.1 (1326304) Football Manager Touch 2020 - 20.1.4 (1318685) Football Manager Touch 2020 - 20.1.3 (1317495) and on home page supported platforms are-
  13. Hello Guys! 1. I have tried to search on forum about how to use FMRTE with FM Touch but i cant find anything. I am going to buy FM touch on Nintendo Switch but first i want to see how can use FMRTE with FM Touch. 2. How can i use FMRTE with FM Touch on android? Can someone please explain this? Thanks in advance.
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  15. closing thread as matter resolved thanks to @FrazT for updating thread👍
  16. can't seem to edit the color of the number at back of the jersey
  17. I have tagged Braca as you see sure he will reply when free
  18. So, no answers on why the new update is not compatible with Mac Os 12.0?
  19. have you anti virus that may be blocking the programme? if so disable it and try to start up then if still no joy report as a bug as devs might miss this post cheers
  20. Why am I not able to start setup file? I already have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 installed
  21. Yaaay, they added it back. Thank you FMRTE TEAM ❤️
  22. FMRTE 20.2.1 (Build 18) - Released Download: https://www.fmrte.com/download/ifmrte20 Changelog Added Support for FM Touch 20.2.1 game version
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