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  3. FMRTE 20.3.0 (Build 27) - Released Download: https://www.fmrte.com/download/ifmrte20 Changelog Added Support for FM Touch 20.3.0 game version
  4. Hi, It's not a bug, when the game is updated, a new version of FMRTE is also required. We have just updated FMRTE to support the latest FM Touch update, download it Cheers
  5. FMRTE 20.3.0 (Build 27) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte20 Changelog Added Support for FM Touch 20.3.0 game version
  6. Hi, I was using FMRTE 20 for FM Touch 20 and now It won't let me edit as my version (20.3.0 1350879) is not supported. So how do I fix this? Thank you.
  7. Any updates? I seen there was an update to FMRTE but that has not helped. I have also disabled the SIP via the instructions on this website.
  8. Adding a picture. All players should get 50k in wage and expire date set to 2025... An example. Joseph Aido is not working in this case.
  9. When using Preset with the new version:, not all players are being changed/edited. I try to edit a whole leagues players, by giving the X amount of wage and expire date. Nothing happens with some players (few). Most of players changes without a problem.
  10. Thanks for the answer! I never used that feature due to the name... Training status... Perhaps it should be changed to Based in? I am not new, but a very casual gamer haha. I tried it and, it seemed to work fine. However, there is no option for coaches, or am I blind? Related question. How come that some players show up that are free agents? I searched for players training in Spain.. It shows up a lot of players and many of them are free agents, even players from other nations.. See the picture. EDIT: I looked at this again. The Training Status regards to those players that are formed at that club och nation, not players that play in the nations leagues. So I guess the feature I am looking for is not available yet.
  11. Last week
  12. Yeah I've made the preset with this but I was wondering what do I put in the Object ID if I'd want it to change every nation? Thank you for your help so far!
  13. I also found this, but found it was down not not excluding injuries from freezer settings, Once i excluded it then it started working as i wanted it to.
  14. Some of you may not know, SI will release two transfer updates this year. The reason is that the China and Russia transfer windows does not close until 28th Feb. So there is a strong chance we will have to wait until March for the second transfer update. SI could even release a third update for any missed data. As usual, read and follow under the Software header in the forum rules. Any who do not will be dealt with at a moderator's discretion.
  15. EckoR1

    Player Clauses

    When i click on Player clauses i get a message asking me to send the error log in. FMRTE 20, build 26. error.log
  16. Just letting you all know that I am away for a few weeks from tomorrow. I will be about when I get a chance, but will not have access to the game/FMRTE so I will be modding but wont be able to give the detail of help I usually try to give. The Devs and Greyfox are about as normal but just a courtesy post for those that didnt see my post earlier in the week.
  17. that is already here mate if your new to the product have a read of the guide thread/FAQs etc or feel free to ask in main discussion thread if unsure on something cheers
  18. Hi! Couldn't see if this has been requested earlier, but I would like the ability to search players/coaches by nation they play in. In FM, its "based in X Country". For instance, search all players playing in England, in all leagues, all clubs. Hope this can be done Thanks!
  19. The stadium update tab will not appear during updates. Am using the latest 20.30 FM2020 version and build 26 FMRTE. save dropbox link is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9uwlktg0ji6g4uu/Cozy Bear - meinz.fm?dl=0
  20. Some changes are only visible in game after you advance a few days , see if that helps
  21. Hi i have a problem (i think) the save button dosen´t acctualy saves my changes. It s my first time using a editor and i need some help thanks Luis Severino
  22. @BraCa Thanks for the update but unfortunately it didn't fix my problem... I can't manually remove the injury. Should I uninstall FMRTE and reinstall it? Tried already, didn't change anything.. Here is my preset
  23. yes you can put some crazy numbers into many fields however it may cause the game to become unstable so you do so at your own risk as it can cause crashes
  24. Sorry for the super late rep, been away. I never knew reputation can go above 10,000. Will try this.
  25. This is not a bug, each time the game is updated, FMRTE has to be updated as well. A new version of FMRTE is already available
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