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  • fmrte 18 doesn't launch

    Someone from our staff will take this report soon.
    Priority: Undefined
    Edition: FMRTE 18
    Build: 18
    Game Store: Steam
    Game Version: 18.3.4-1093856



    suddenly without any changes to my laptop, FMRTE 18 would not run anymore. I click on it, PC asks if i want to allow fmrte running, answer yes, pc starts reading, the little blue circle for a few secs and then nothing. Pc keeps working normal, all programs run normally but for FMRTE 18 and the mini version. Tried the easiest of all suggestion already: reinstall, yet without success.


    I looked at this thread: 

    but i have none of the files mentioned. Also, there was an issue with FMRTE21 not starting up, but where the solution seemed the turn of smartscreen, i also have the file/program not running.


    Some help would be greatly appreciated!



    oh, yeah: laptop (medion erazer) is running win 10, intel i5, nvdia gforce gtx, no error appears, so no log is available. Also, i cannot see the FMRTE18 build, since i can't launch it anymore.



    UPDATE: (2/1/21)

    version fmrte:

    I found an errorlog, i just added, but since nothing really happens, i don't know if the log can be useful

    Also, in windows, .EXE files they have a sort of "unique" icon in the file list, so in my fmrte folder the fmrte.exe file does not have such an icon, it is just pictured as a blank slate.

    And next the fmrte.exe file, i have also a "fmrte.exe.config" file (tried to upload, but this extension is not allowed for upload)

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    I've got same problem with FMRTE 18 and Mini FMRTE 18. 

    When I launch the .exe file, nothing happen.

    FM 2018 Game and other programms worked correctly.

    Reinstalation or instalation the Framework did not resolve the problem. 

    App worked properly until Yesterday.

    My Licence Key is valid. 

    What went wrong?

    Support, help Us 🙂




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    Unfortunately on those error.log file there is nothing that pinpoints to the issue 😕 


    So can you please tell me:


    1. What version of Windows do you have?
    2. Do you have any antivirus software installed?
    3. Do you have MSI Afterburner or Riva Tunner installed?
    4. Find in Windows Event Viewer the FMRTE crash, and provide a screenshot
    5. Take a screenshot of your 'About your PC' (type About your PC in your Start Menu)



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