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  • 3D Stadium amendment - Windows version

    Someone from our staff will take this report soon.
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    Hi there, first of all thanks for putting this work together. Massively improves the game where certain players are missing out from the database, or just are plain rated incorrectly (subjective I know).


    I have an issue when trying to use the 3D stadium editor. I am trying to amend Aldershot Town FC's Stadium. I am attempting to make the North stand (where the dugouts and tunnel is) run the length of the pitch as in real life but it seems to just extend upwards into a two-tier stand, which I am not looking for. I have amended the amount of seats in it and it still does not alter it correctly. Also the stand behind one of the goals (East Bank) is all standing and has two big entrances at the front of the stand, which isn't correct. I have seen other teams in the Conference who have a solid block of steps, with no emergency exits at the front. How can I replicate them?


    Lastly for Aldershot, is there anyway to amend the dugouts? In the Shots ground they have the nice Perspex continental type (which were bought and put in by Chelsea). However in the game, it looks like a brick wall with some corrugated iron roofing on! Is there any tools to amend the dugouts at all?


    Secondly whilst I created a Malta save, I was trying to replicate the national stadia (Ta'Qali) which is fully seated but with the two main stands with roof and the ends behind the goal open to the elements. However when I did this on the 3D stadia editor, the corners and the stand behind the goals never aligned up correctly. I tried it with exactly the same number of seats in each section but the corners look like they had sunken down or didn't fit right, I then added an extra 250 seats in each corner to see if that built up to the right height and that made no difference at all. Lastly and just to test it, I placed all stands within the stadium under a roof and that seemed to work well. As you can probably gather though, that is not the look I was hoping for,


    Many thanks,




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