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  1. The procedure is: 1) Post in the main and relevant forum 2) A staff member and yourself collaborate in determining if your issue is a bug or not 3) If your issue is a bug, the staff member moves this thread to the bug tracker forum, ready for the developers to investigate and fix.
  2. You're welcome. That was the smartest choice. If you had continued with this save, it would have gone over the line and be corrupted beyond repair.
  3. The swap feature is quite buggy and treading on unknown territory. The end result from a swap is 50/50 so it can go either way. The safest option was to make Raynor like your club and you 100% and do the opposite for Cooper. Your only option now is to revert back to an earlier save before the swaps. That is because Cooper is still your assistant according to the game. The above method was your best option in giving Raynor a contract.
  4. Nice, you have followed the procedure as stated. You should have not posted directly into the bug tracker forum until a staff member has gone through the issue with you to see if it 100% definitely a bug.
  5. Did you use the client area to contact support? If you did then that is all we can do as that support ticket goes direct to BraCa. Head over to the forum rules to read about a couple of license rules.
  6. There was no reason for you to post your issue again nor state again that you are experiencing this issue as you have already stated it several times and you have even posted in the bug tracker forum. All you needed to do was simply edit your thread in the bug tracker forum to include the bug report template, that's all. Closing this topic.
  7. Please elaborate on what you mean by mobile news. Do you mean FMRTE for mobile or something else?
  8. Have you tried all of the activation methods?
  9. Hi! Can you help me step by step for make it work freeze manager?


    I tried everything! 

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    2. GREYFOX


      I have edited your bug report in the bug tracker to include a bug report template.  Please fill it in with as much information as you can.

    3. Sande


      Thanks, mate! i will

    4. GREYFOX


      No worries, please follow the bug reporting procedure for any further issues you encounter.

  10. Make sure you backup your save first before loading it into Android.
  11. How come you have two screens and both are identical with just one difference? Have you tried re-entering the player?
  12. FMRTE does work with FMT. Regarding the cross-save question, I believe they will show but you will only know for sure if you actually give it a go yourself providing you have FMT on desktop and Android.
  13. The personality of a player is determined by his hidden stats. Ambition, Professionalism, Controversy, etc. I have changed these stats to thirty each, leaving out Controversy, and the player's personality becomes Model Citizen.
  14. Has the transfer actually happened? I am guessing it has.
  15. So you moved him twice within FMRTE? Did you do any other edits?