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  1. staff transfers, not swaps

    Hello. There are ways. Use the Relations and Contract tab to make this happen.
  2. Activation

    There is nothing more that we can do. Please wait for support to contact you. Closing as it has gone on for long enough.
  3. Activation

    OK. Only the developers handle license issues. Contact them through your client area.
  4. You have already used up your activations so you will need to contact support to reset your activations. Submit a support ticket in your client area and someone will respond as soon as possible. This is most likely not what you wanted to hear but licensing issues are dealt ONLY through your client area as there is sensitive information linked to licenses.
  5. You are supposed to deactivate any previous activations before you uninstall the software and you have to be online to do it. With this, you will always have activations to activate the software.
  6. Activation

    Do you use FMRTE regularly? If you do not then FMRTE automatically deactivates itself. I am not sure why. Only the developers can answer this.
  7. There is not, sorry. How much long term? Increase his Injury Proneness then he will out for a long time.
  8. iFMRTE 18 for Mac OS

    Are you using the Touch version? If so, that is unchanged at the moment.
  9. How would CA actually work.

    You have already answered your question. That is exactly what happens when you increase the CA. The game increases all stats to 160 CA. It is strongly recommended to decrease stats irrelevant to the positions i.e. a striker does not need tackling, a defender does not need composure, etc. That is what I do all the time.
  10. Trojan??

    This is a false positive. Add an exclusion/exception to Norton to ignore this file.
  11. Hi not letting me have more then 18 coach

    This has already been reported in the bug tracker. Closing topic. http://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/7256-18-staff-advised-limits/
  12. backup

    Hello. The best time is both. Before you do any major edits and before you do any more major edits after the first set of major edits. What will you restore? You will not lose your save after a FM hotfix.
  13. FMRTE 18 for Windows

    No problem
  14. FMRTE 18 for Windows

    Have you tried unblocking the installer in the Properties window? Either untick the tickbox or click unblock. If that does not work, let me know and I will package it for you and send you the dl link.

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