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  1. New roles in FMRTE

    No idea to be blunt. Only the developers can answer this enquiry.
  2. Activation

    I am guessing your issue is with your FMRTE license?
  3. FMRTE 18 for Windows

    You don't need to login to view the forums. I had posted info regarding the update above. It was just to update the in-game ad boards.
  4. FMRTE 18 for Windows

    I am assuming you are using the Windows build. The skin might be the issue. Have you tried the default skin? Try restarting both your system and the software.
  5. "Move to club" feature crashes game

    Please amend your post accordingly. http://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/6695-please-read-before-posting/
  6. Player cant be transferred

    Interesting. Very interesting.
  7. Player cant be transferred

    That date is just to show when he joined the club. It does not help with staying at the club for his entire career. That should be the contract expires date which needs to be changed. Set it to say ten to fifteen years from the in-game date and you are done.
  8. Player cant be transferred

    But isn't that for future transfers?
  9. [17] - licence

    As stated in the forum rules, licensing issues should be reported through the client area only.
  10. Max Wage

    Thank you for altering your post according to the posting etiquette. As clf states, you have to get the balance right. It is no good raising one and not the other or all others.
  11. Max Wage

    Hi. Firstly, I would recommend not to play as 18.3.0 is just around the corner. Secondly, your club's reputation is most likely low so increase that and concurrently, increase your clubs finances to give yourself a bigger wage budget. Before you do the above, read the posting etiquette link in my signature to update your post accordingly.
  12. FMRTE 18 for Windows

    Info about the recent small FM update below. https://community.sigames.com/topic/429101-what-was-the-small-41mb-steam-update-about/
  13. FMRTE guide

    Untick the goalkeeper attributes tickbox. This can be found in the bottom left corner.
  14. Does this editor work if you chose editor not allowed

    That option is referring to another real time editor which is not to be discussed. FMRTE will still work even with that option checked.
  15. FMRTE guide

    Classic mode is Touch. It is just renamed/rebranded. And yes, FMRTE does work with Touch.

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