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  1. Add a second nationality for an EU country in his Relations tab.  I did one time add Squad Registration to a player's Relations and it worked so Second Nationality should work.
  2. Just bought my license for FMRTE 16, but I will play FM 16 after the final patch.
  3. Just to let everyone know that once FMRTE 16 is out, this thread will be closed and a new thread for FMRTE 16 will be created.
  4. Delete Player from FMRTE

    Or you can retire the player through increasing his age.
  5. Stucks at Loading Game Data

    Have you tried the Run as Administrator function?
  6. FMRTE feature requests (Poll included)

      You can remove them by going to the installed FMRTE directory and in there, go to the Frozen Players folder to remove them.
  7. Try the following:   I) Use the Run as Administrator function. II) Progress in-game a day.
  8.   The devs are aware of this issue and will fix it as soon as possible.
  9. FMRTE for Version 15.3.1

      Steam is ever becoming the main platform for online games, especially multiplayer games which needs an always-on connection.  People here should just stick to Steam for one game if possible and not bother with the rest.  If they want to play other games on Steam then they will just have to get used to the spontaneous updates and delays.
  10. FMRTE for Version 15.3.1

      That is the only way to stop these auto updates, but most people here are just simply ignorant.
  11. Positional Capacity

    Please elaborate on your query.
  12. FMRTE Guide (Updated 25.12.12)

    All PDFs have been re-added to the thread.  Please see if they work now and let me know if there are issues with them.