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  1. FMRTE 18 for Windows

    It is not. Your anti virus software is the error. Allow the download through your anti virus and if you want, report the software to the developer as a false positive.
  2. what does this new position feature do?

    Even if your player is training to be a striker?
  3. Licence Work - FMRTE

    Question answered. Closed.
  4. Licence Work - FMRTE

    Or even the primary nationality. Test out both to see if they actually work.
  5. Licence Work - FMRTE

    Add a second nationality on his profile page. That should do the trick.
  6. what does this new position feature do?

    It is self-explanatory. It shows how his training is going on being trained up as a striker as well as his other positions.
  7. FMRTE 17 for Windows

    Which FMRTE are you running? I do not get building type in FMRTE 17 or FMRTE 18. Where did you get that image?
  8. FMRTE 17 for Windows

    Hi. This is not possible in the rte, you will need to do this in the pre-game editor. You can request this in the suggestions forum.
  9. FMRTE does not work

    Hello. The error message is in a foreign language. Please translate it into English. Also please see below.
  10. After updating my mac system,I cannot activate

    Did you try to activate the software as you had done previously? Try restarting your Mac. Some updates require this to be fully integrated into the OS.
  11. Freezer?

    Yep, as PoBErs stated above. Check out the FMRTE guide in this forum.
  12. CA Calculator

    By using those presets, the software increases ALL of the attributes to a set level whether it is 16, 17, 18, and so on. To keep this change, you need to use the freeze function BUT have the software running in the background with your save loaded.
  13. Would like to see the supporter adjustment as windows on previous versions of fm Thanks
  14. perfect squad harmony

    Hi. Are you referring to Dynamics?