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  1. No worries
  2. I believe this is possible, but these stats change every game so having to update the stats every week will be difficult. I am not a programmer, but that is my take on your idea. If you love statistics, you can make the commitment to update the table every week or have a helping hand with two maintainers. To add this to the website would take some time to development, test and implement so it does not break/conflict with any of the other website features. I will leave this up to BraCa to say yes, no or possibly.
  3. I see that, are you using those parameters or another set? Judging from both your's and culturedleftfoot's findings, some parameters work and some don't.
  4. What parameters are you using in the filter?
  5. I don't think it is possible to have a low CA for the Wonderkid generator. Have you checked to see the wonderkid's PA?
  6. Do not post in the bug tracker forum as only staff can do that. Please use the bug reporting procedure below. Thank you.
  7. This post will provide you with an answer as it works for players more than backroom staff but the principle still applies. You can decrease the unnecessary stats to raise the relevant stats but even then, the game will still adjust the atts according to CA/PA. You can't change the way the game determines this as this is how SI have coded the game. All you can do is keep the unnecessary stats as low as possible.
  8. This feature is great to have, but with every update the feature went down. My guess is that BraCa has given up on fixing this feature every time after an update. In fact, only BraCa can explain what is the deal with this feature.
  9. From the picture, Ibrahimovic, Bailly and Pogba were already in the first team when I started the save yet their tactical familiarity is low. So it must be random or otherwise only two, maybe three would have this issue.
  10. Please be patient, it will be here.
  11. Interesting scenario, I will check this out
  12. It is random as far as I know. All transfers that I have done are in the pre-game editor so there shouldn't be any issues. I will look further and report back asap.
  13. What bugs/issues did you encounter: Match preparation not fully working on all players What is your FM version: v17.3.0.15/16 What is your FMRTE version: v17.3.0.16 How big is your database size: Small Which editor data files are you using, if any: Self created in pre-game editor Which operating system are you using: Windows 7 What changes have you done to your save, if any: Match preparation (shown in picture), CA/PA change to one player. Are you using any like-for-like software alongside FMRTE?: None Attach any FMRTE error logs: None Attach any FM error logs: None Attach both of your before and after issue save files if possible: N/A State the anti-virus software used at the time: Comodo Internet Security Do you have anything else to add? Screenshot below. Has anyone else encountered this? I believe it is a bug as some have changed and some haven't.
  14. This is a known issue from a while back that SI know about. Until SI fix the bug, FMRTE will always have it.