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  1. What year?
  2. Have you tried promoting Tranmere to the top league? Maybe that way, you will get offers from top flight clubs. Post a pic of your FMRTE profile so we have a better picture of your situation. Do one from FM too if you can. Maybe they think that because you are still in the lower leagues, you are not ready for the big time. Actually, what does your board and fans say about you and your achievements?
  3. The same response applies, adding the ability to create new presets can bring about unforeseen consequences unless it is tested. He has to make sure that the new presets being created are supposed to work in just that manner without any other effect. The rule also applies to all new and existing features in the software.
  4. BraCa can't simply add more options to the presets until each new preset has been tested to work as intended. Also, he has to see if adding new presets does not break the other presets and/or other features in the software.
  5. It downloaded for me fine, but the file is blank.
  6. Hello, BraCa. Would you be willing to code the software for Linux users? I would move over to Linux if I had the chance. This is providing that you know how to use and code for the Linux kernel.
  7. ^ What he said
  8. You have already asked a similar question earlier that I replied to. A link to the question is below.
  9. Did you try just the once? Have a go at a few times. When I activate the software, it works first time. Also, allow the software through your anti-virus where possible.
  10. Just go for players through your club's youth team. That is what I do. Any good ones, you can just edit through FMRTE to make them even better.
  11. Just edit the manager's profile to what you want to achieve. You can also edit all the club's tendencies to one across the board. There are many options that you can change, it is just a case of finding the right one/ones.
  12. Personally, I just leave it. I guess to remove/avoid it, it needs to be done in the pre-game editor?
  13. Here you go ->
  14. This can't be done in FMRTE, but you can edit Brexit in the pre-game editor.
  15. A new version of the software has not been released yet so I guess you are fixing the issue on a user-by-user basis? The Contract Signed Date is something that users do not want to do as it involves doing this small change to every player.