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  1. Or you can give us a copy of your save so we can take a look.
  2. Use the Squad/UEFA Registration option in the Relations tab.
  3. I have posted on what you need to do regarding your issues. Me and culturedleftfoot can only do so much on our end. We are not developers.
  4. Hello. You should find this in the club's profile page. Have a look in the club's Relations page.
  5. Regarding the Italian translation, it is nowhere in the forums from what I can see. You will need to contact support through your client area for this. Regarding the license issue, again you will need to contact support. Sorry for not helping you out further.
  6. You can, but the player has to have announced his retirement so the Retirement tab can show. Once this has been done, just delete the date, save then restart to remove the retirement.
  7. Have you tried the latest version for FM 12? v5.2.5 was the last release. This release might even solve your language issue too. Have a look in the link below for both the changelog and file download for v5.2.5. Judging by the first picture, you are running a beta build of the software not a stable build so this could be your issue. Plus, it seems you are using v5.0.2 which will not work with v12.2.2.
  8. I assume you are asking two questions? Regarding language, FMRTE 12 can be changed to Italian. You have been shown this by culturedleftfoot. Regarding serial, you enter the serial in the Settings page in the software. The best and easiest method is online activation.
  9. question answered

    Nope, this can't be done in FMRTE. You can however do this in the pre-game editor.
  10. question answered

    Moved to relevant forum and locked as poster has been answered.
  11. question answered

    Are you referring to FM or FMRTE?
  12. Welcome to the forums. This is possible, but it is strongly recommended not to do that as there has been many changes between 13 and 16 both in the game and software. If you do decide to do it, make sure you backup your save and any other important files relating to your query. In fact, give it a go and see how the changes are transferred over as an experiment/test.
  13. You need to use staff swap/swap staff in the staff's FMRTE profile page but beware, the end result is not always what it is meant to be. At the moment, you can't change the staff role in the software but this has been requested in the FMRTE feature request thread. From what I can tell, all you can do is increase the coach job preference to twenty and offer him a first team coach contract. If you are prepared to, you can use the pre-game editor to transfer him/her over but you would need to start a new save to see the change(s).
  14. Please do not post in the bug tracker forum as only staff can post there. Furthermore, legacy versions are no longer developed by the developers. Regarding your issue, this is a common error that occurs in that particular version. Try the following steps that may solve your problem; I) Run the software in administrator mode. II) Update to the last FMRTE 15 version which is v15.3.2.16. III) Continuously click load game until the error goes away. <- This specific step worked for me.
  15. Moved to correct forum, please do not post in the bug tracker forum as only staff can do that. Please read the following thread and update the original post with the requirements. Thank you.