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  1. Moved to correct forum as user is using a legacy build. Please do not post in the bug tracker forum as only staff can do that. Your issue will most likely not get fixed as the developers do not fix bugs in previous versions.
  2. When you get the chance, try Future Transfer on a large number of players (say 10) and see if all of them go through.
  3. If the first two transfers completed successfully, then you should look at them two to see what you are doing differently. Can you post pictures of each transfer?
  4. It should do, but I don't think it will. iFMRTE is not on the same level as FMRTE for the time being. I don't have a Mac so I can't give you a definite answer nor test it out myself. You could ask around to someone who has Windows and Mac to test it for you.
  5. It would definitely as you said during the contract talks, indispensable. I was suggesting this method on players already in the club, not players to sign. To be honest, you did not mention this little but impactful detail otherwise I would not have suggested this. Anyway, I suppose you can give the player a Like Person relation for you so maybe he will not complain. You can also try reducing his rep too. Try tweaking his Personality stats i.e. lower his Ambition, increase his Professionalism and Temperament, etc.
  6. waiting user reply

    Must be a bug. Please do what clf said above.
  7. You can mass edit the team/squad status in-game by highlighting players you want to edit and right click on them. Once you have right clicked on them, hover over Transfer > Squad Status to change the selected player's status. If this is what you mean, then there you go. If not then what clf said.
  8. Where in the software do you get this error message? Can you post a screenshot of the software complete with version and build?
  9. You can't change this directly, but you can add the Like Team relation which should do the trick indirectly.
  10. waiting user reply

    Hello. Can you remember/specify the edits you did to your manager?
  11. waiting user reply

    Moved to correct subforum. Your attachment makes no sense. Please elaborate.
  12. Moved to correct forum and hid duplicates. Have you tried the online activation method? You don't need to buy a new license as your license can be activated three times.
  13. It's alright. The topic can only be posted/moved into the bug tracker forum by staff.
  14. No worries. The Personality stats are separate to the playing stats so CA is not affected but the hidden stats are affected by CA.
  15. Yep, they are the ones. I have not experienced a single crash by changing any of those values. As I have mentioned above, as long as you are sensible you game will not crash nor go corrupt beyond repair.