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  1. FMRTE Linux

    I have asked BraCa this too but no reply yet.
  2. Wage Bill

    Really? How did that get there?
  3. FMRTE feature requests

    Weird how did that happen?
  4. FMRTE 15

    What did you do if you did anything?
  5. FMRTE 15

    It's alright. As I mentioned above, you could have been running a foreign local which you are doing. Confidently, FMRTE 15 will not be patched to load your version so you have a number of options; (a) Use a different FM build (b) Use a different FMRTE build
  6. FMRTE 15

    It should do unless you are running an/a Asian/foreign local or are part of the beta testing team. Have you tried running administrator mode?
  7. FMRTE feature requests

    Great idea I too want this in FMRTE
  8. Whats the best way to see a list of players attacking ability?

    In-game, there is only the two player comparison. FMRTE can't do this. There is a way, but it is the long way around. Create a table/spreadsheet with all the attacking stats either on paper or typing. There might be some software that does this but I am not aware of any. If there is, you will probably need to export the stats from FM into the software. How this is done is something that I do not know.
  9. Game load error

    Maybe FMRTE does not support your save as it uses the older 17.0 database not the current 17.3 database. Have you tried an earlier build of iFMRTE? Maybe that will work.
  10. Game load error

    Hi. You need to elaborate more than can't load my game. Is your save loaded into FM? Are you running the latest iFMRTE build for Mac? Is your game up to date?
  11. Whats the best way to see a list of players attacking ability?

    I don't think this is possible in the software. You can potentially only do this in-game. What do you mean by attacking attribute? Do you mean the training aspect or just generally?
  12. License problem

    From what I can gather, FMRTE automatically deactivates after a time period and I am not sure what this time period is. When you reactivate, your activation count in the client area should not be affected.
  13. FMRTE 17 for Windows

    You only get this problem when you are running many programs on your system which will take up system ram. Close all software that you are not using or install additional memory into your system to solve this issue.
  14. FMRTE 17 for Windows

    It is not in the Downloads page, so I am guessing it is on auto-update for now?