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  1. halo, how do i get a license key for FM 15?

  2. hi

    1) You can't use the software to change the rules of the leagues. 2) There used be an online chat service here but it was removed as no-one used it.
  3. Anybody like this idea? (maybe for 2017?)

    Perfect Now it is up to BraCa on how he plans to use it if he decides to use it of course. Is the name the official one or just one you made up by typing it in?
  4. Injures

    The ability to add/remove unhappiness was already there, it is just that it did not work. I guess you had time now to go back and fix the feature so it could work.
  5. Anybody like this idea? (maybe for 2017?)

    Perfect colours and contrast Are the grey/black squiggly lines on the ball just for show, or rain?
  6. Injures

    Nice I can't wait to use FMRTE 16
  7. OK. It is up to you if you want to reveal to SI that you have used FMRTE on your save. Some on there don't mind you using it as you play the game in your own way and some on there are against it completely. To be honest, I have seen posts on there with players revealing they have used FMRTE either casually, moderately, intensely or as a scouting tool only.
  8. Injures

    All you do is just untick the Is injured/Has injury tickbox at the bottom on the player's FMRTE profile, save the change then either you will see an instant change or progress in-game a day for the change to take effect. Unless you have used another method, this is the only method that I know of.
  9. Scouting Range

    In what sense? Scouting players with scouts and/or player search? Scouting for youth talent as Godlike possibly mentioned above?
  10. Really ...I see. I was wondering why my thread for FMRTE for FM Classic was not pinned.
  11. Anybody like this idea? (maybe for 2017?)

    Use red and black as they are for the moment the primary colours that BraCa is using. How about having a football in the background on a pitch?
  12. I don't think so as this may have been hard-coded by SI.
  13. Anybody like this idea? (maybe for 2017?)

    Make those changes and then shift the full name to the right as there needs to be some space on the ends of the full name.