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  1. youtube video

    It depends on whether BraCa can update the code for FM 17. He has to have the game first before he can see if he can patch FMRTE to work with FM 17. If it can happen, BraCa will launch the new version usually a week after release. All we can do now is just wait until he says yes or no. There is no point in asking whether he can or not or even debating on the subject. Please be patient and he will let us know.
  2. youtube video

    I would, but I do not have it installed. My guess it would be between end of July or early August.
  3. youtube video

    ^ You have a lot of withs in your post there obsessed much?
  4. A new section is coming to the forum soon, all will be revealed soon!!!

  5. youtube video

    The game will most likely need patching like previous years as coding mishaps are unpredictable. With that in mind, I will start playing the game in March when the final patch has been released. There is no sense in playing it from launch, especially before the January transfer window.
  6. Hello everyone. Sorry for the long hiatus. I have been busy with other stuff. As you may or may not know, FM 17 will be out soon on 04/11. SI have released a features video highlighting the various new and improved features in the next game. Below is a youtube link to the video that you can stream. Enjoy the video, I know I did. >>> Credits to Cougar2010 from the SI forum for the link. <<<
  7. halo, how do i get a license key for FM 15?

  8. hi

    1) You can't use the software to change the rules of the leagues. 2) There used be an online chat service here but it was removed as no-one used it.
  9. Perfect Now it is up to BraCa on how he plans to use it if he decides to use it of course. Is the name the official one or just one you made up by typing it in?
  10. The ability to add/remove unhappiness was already there, it is just that it did not work. I guess you had time now to go back and fix the feature so it could work.
  11. Perfect colours and contrast Are the grey/black squiggly lines on the ball just for show, or rain?