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  1. Hi. Please can you submit a support ticket in your client area stating this issue and you will get a response as soon as possible.
  2. Just the way you are doing it. You can indirectly change the weight by changing the height of the player. Other than these two methods, there is no other way.
  3. You already have a thread on this issue which can be found below. Any more posts from you asking this again and you will be given a warning.
  4. Yeah, surprising. I think because your license was unexpectedly deactivated, the system takes that into account and does not remove a count from your three activations.
  5. Has your activation count decreased in your client area?
  7. Unless your friend bought a code for you on your behalf, he/she should not have given you his/her code. That is their code, not yours. BraCa will probably not take kind to this and may ban you.
  8. Please can you create your own thread for your issue. This is stated in the forum rules. How did you manage solve it?
  9. Not really. You shouldn't have to enter your license again. Head over to your client area and check the number of activations you have left.
  10. Are you online when you activate FMRTE? There are other options to activate the software but this method is the most popular.
  11. Ah right. I understand what you are saying. As I mentioned, I do not have FM 17 yet so I can't provide insight. If you have played FM 16, then you should find the same option in the same location in FM 17 too I assume. Anyway, someone with FM 17 will comment on this.
  12. I am sure you are talking about match feeds which is in the top right corner during a game. I have not got FM 17 yet so I can't tell you much about it but in FM 16, this is what it is called.
  13. Quick as always
  14. No worries
  15. Not directly. You can increase his hidden stats to make him more familiar quicker. Also, Determination, Work Rate and Stamina should play a part in his development. I am sure there are other stats that are a factor too.