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  1. waiting user reply

    That is not possible. The whole point of a football manager simulation is that it is supposed to mimic real life football. In real life, the manager is informed and chooses whom to register and whom to leave out. This is hard-coded in the game and can't be altered or automated.
  2. So I attempted to solve this issue by expiring Diego's contract and trying to resign him. He eventually went to Tottenham instead and this was after an hour of game play. So I also attempted to save the game after making some changes in-game and it crashed on me. It is slow to the point of frustration as mentioned above because of the number of leagues loaded in the save. These kind of saves p*** me right off and make no sense to have and maintain. After the two attempts above, I gave up.
  3. Cool. Please share so I can try it out too.
  4. Really? Interesting. You're welcome
  5. I would strongly recommend not doing that in the software as in the past, users have reported issues with the swap club feature. Expire his contract then resign the player. See if that does the trick. If that fails, do what you mentioned above. If that fails too, send me you save via a download link through PM. Use a file hosting service like datafilehost, mega, etc.
  6. Morning. There is not unfortunately. I do not use miniFMRTE so I can't provide support on that. It does not take much to press alt-tab. You can keep a paper record if you want to compensate.
  7. Hi. Now that is a predicament. Have you tried resigning him?
  8. I do not get a white page. Try a different browser as suggested above. You can also try clearing your browser's cookies and cache.
  9. Please can you elaborate more on your issue. It is visible through the website and forum.
  10. Is your save loaded in FM? Have you tried restarting the software?
  11. Is the installer from this forum? Do you get any error messages?
  12. fm 17

    You're welcome True that.
  13. fm 17

    Possibly. The in-game scout report will tell you if the player is interested in moving to your club. It is best to scout the player to full knowledge.
  14. fm 17

    That tab is to do with possible signings that your scouts have scouted in-game. It also includes transfers rumours too. This tab is automatically generated by the game and can't be edited or altered.