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  1. I can't reproduce this issue in here. If anyone can replicate it easily, please share your savegame (dropbox for ex), and describe step-by-step how to replicate it Thanks
  2. Hi @dizzypenguin can you please provide us with a savegame (upload it to dropbox or anyother filehost), and then describe us step-by-step how can we replicate the issue. Thanks
  3. Hi, That profile was created using iFMRTE, that unfortunatelly had an issue exporting/importing players profiles. You cannot use any profile exported with an iFMRTE version inferior to the build 12 Thanks
  4. Hi, Do you have a savegame before this happen? If you don't, check your savegame folder as FMRTE might have done a backup for you.. If not, I might try to fix your savegame, but I cannot guarantee that it will work properly. Can you replicate this issue with other players? If so, can you give me a description, step-by-step how to do that? Thanks and sorry for this issue
  5. Hi, I cannot reproduce that issue here, can you please send me the player file that you cannot import? Thanks
  6. FMRTE 17.2.1 (build 14) - Released Download: Changelog Added Support for 17.2.1 game version
  7. FMRTE 17.2.1 (build 14) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or Changelog Added Support for 17.2.1 game version
  8. nao esta sendo possivel abrir fmrte da erro de suporte de versao..houve uma actualizacao do steam e ficou assim...

    sabe quando o fmrte actualiza tambem ?

  9. The players nation issue was fixed in the latest release (build 12)
  10. Fixed in the latest release (build 12)
  11. iFMRTE 17.2.0 - (Build 12) Download: Fixed Change persons nationality
  12. That issue is not related with this bug report, posting multiple issues in one bug report thread will lead us to miss some issues Anyway, I'll take a look at it
  13. This issue have been fixed in the latest version (build 11) Please note, that you might need to 'refreeze' your players
  14. Both issues are fixed in the latest version (build 11)
  15. iFMRTE 17.2.0 - (Build 11) Download: Fixed Future transfers list A bug with ingame data, that was causing iFMRTE to show the wrong age for players Import/Export players from files Freeze players or staff Current Screen NOTES: In order to freezer to work, you must 'refreeze' the players / staff you want to keep frozen Old player profile files generated in previous versions of iFMRTE might not be properly imported