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  1. FMRTE 16 for Windows

    FMRTE 16.2.0 (build 18) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or Build 18 Added Search for female staff Edit staff sex Add/Remove Knowledge to Staff Edit building maintenance and upgrade schedules for club Match Preparation can now be edited in all teams of the Club Staff coaching qualifications Fixed Gamer Knowledge Tab Nation Match Preparation Missing PPM Swap International Player error Error when using -1 year contract option
  2. Hi Braca,I bought a license key in the past,am I entitled to one each version,or do I have to buy a new one every year ?

  3. Error when using -1 year contract option

    Hello, Can you please tell me what is the club, and if possible, upload your savegame (to mediafire, dropbox, or any other filehost) and post here the link (or send it by private message)
  4. iFMRTE for Mac

    FMRTE 16.2.0 (build 17) - Released Download: Changelog: Added support for 16.2.0 game update
  5. International Stats not loading

    Fixed on build 17
  6. iFMRTE for Mac

    A new version of iFMRTE 16 compatible with the latest game update (16.2.0) should be released tomorrow
  7. FMRTE 16 for Windows

    FMRTE - Released Download: FMRTE Autoupdate or Changelog Build 17 Added Support for 16.2.0 game version Fixed Staff international caps/goals
  8. Add a new nationality

    Hi, You can add a new Nationality on FMRTE: Go to the Player Relations Change an existent Relation, or Add a new one, and change the relation type to Nationality Select the country Save That's it, if it doesn't work, please give us more details about your problem, so we can try to replicate it
  9. adding a new injury to a player

    Adding injuries was added recently But currently injuries cannot be added with presets, but that's something we might add in the future, if there is enough people requesting it
  10. 3d Stadium

    Hello, Open FMRTE and on the 3D Stadium Details you must select a Building Type, otherwise the stadium will be empty
  11. FMRTE 16 Match Preparation Bug returned

    I received your savegame, but I didn't have time yet to try to reproduce this issue.. I hope to be able to look at it on the next few days
  12. Critical error on windows

    We're trying to replicate your issue, can you provide us: a screenshot of your FMRTE 16 folder A zip file containing all your FMRTE 16 folder and subfolders (upload it to mediafire, dropbox, or anyother similar service) Thanks  
  13. Missing PPM?

    We'll take a look into this, did you found any other PPM missing?
  14. Critical error on windows

    it seems to be related with missing translation files (languages folder), please try to reinstall FMRTE
  15. Critical error on windows

    Can you please attach the error.log file that's inside FMRTE folder? Thanks