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  1. Download for my IPad keeps failing. I have a working version for my Windows desktop. Please advise.

  2. Fixed on build 38
  3. fmrte16

    FMRTE 16.3.2 Build 38 - Released Download: FMRTE Autoupdate or Fixed Error cloning a player Issue when removing affiliations benefits
  4. Fixed on build 38
  5. I can't reproduce it here, can you please describe step by step how do you replicate that issue? If possible, upload your savegame to any filehost like dropbox or similar, and share the link with me (you can send me a private message) Thanks
  6. FMRTE 16.3.2 Build 37 - Released Download: Added Support for FM Touch 16.3.2 game version
  7. fmrte16

    FMRTE 16.3.2 Build 37 - Released Download: FMRTE Autoupdate or Added Support for FM 16.3.2 game version
  8. FMRTE can only be used by the host
  9. fmrte16

    FMRTE 16.3.1 Build 36 - Released Download: FMRTE Autoupdate or Fixed Some rare issues on loading game data Fixed some columns sorting errors
  10. This issue will be fixed on the next build
  11. Your issue is not related with this topic, please update to the latest version of FMRTE (build 34), if the problem persists, post it in the bug forum
  12. Hi, Those settings are only loaded, after you pressing the 'Load Game' button in FMRTE. About your crashing issues, did you install anything before that start happening? Thanks
  13. fmrte16

    FMRTE 16.3.1 Build 34 - Released Download: FMRTE Autoupdate or Fixed An issue that was preventing FMRTE from save changes
  14. fmrte16

    Following this instruction should fix your problem Download the latest version (build 33) Open FMRTE Go to FMRTE Settings Press 'Deactivate' FMRTE Then, press 'Activate' and use your license key After reactivating FMRTE, restart the application Thanks
  15. Hi, Your first post does not say if you have the latest version of FMRTE or not!, also, we recommend our users to post the build version. About your problem, currently changing ticket prices has no effect ingame, that's something we've tried to fix, but at the moment we couldn't Cheers