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  1. iFMRTE 17.3.1 (build 20) - Released Download: Changelog Fixed Some dropdowns not working on Search and Mass Edit windows
  2. Hi, This issue will be fixed in build 20. Thanks
  3. Please update to the latest version (build 19) Cheers
  4. iFMRTE 17.3.1 (build 19) - Released Download: Changelog Build 19 Added Support for 17.3.1 Touch game version Ability to Mass edit players, staff and clubs Button to reset search filter settings Fixed Heal Team button not changing the player fitness/match sharpness Players Prefered Moves not being editable
  5. FMRTE 17.3.1 (Build 19) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or Changelog Fixed Stadium Covered, Retractable roof and have undersoil heating toggles Filter staff by personality attributes
  6. Hi, Thanks for reporting this, it will be fixed in build 19 Thanks
  7. Hi, Thanks for reporting this, it will be fixed in the next build (19) Thanks
  8. Hi, Mass Edit feature will be added to iFMRTE 17 in the next few days
  9. Can you please attach here one of the files you are importing and that is causing the game to crash? Thanks
  10. Thanks for reporting this issue, it will be fixed in build 19
  11. Thanks, for reporting this, will be fixed in the next build
  12. Merged two topics that were reporting a similar issue People with this issue, please follow the instructions in this topic to fix your issue:
  13. The new version of FMRTE was just released
  14. FMRTE 17.3.1 (Build 18) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or Changelog Added Support for 17.3.1 Touch game version
  15. We have been testing FMRTE with the latest update for Windows 10, the Creators Update, and FMRTE works just fine. But if you have any issue starting FMRTE in Windows 10 - Creators Update, make sure that you don't have RivaTuner installed, and if you have, please keep reading this post. RivaTuner 6.6.0 and previous versions are causing some issues in some other windows apps in the Windows 10 Creators Update. Unfortunately, FMRTE is one of those apps, but don't worry, there is a fix for it To fix this, you have 3 choices: Exclude FMRTE from RivaTuner, so it won't mess with FMRTE, and FMRTE will work normally Update RivaTuner to the latest beta version (7.0.0) that seems to have this issue fixed Uninstall RIvaTuner How to exclude FMRTE from RivaTuner Open RivaTuner, and Add a New Application Profile (press the + button) Select the FMRTE executable (fmrte.exe, usually located at c:\BraCa Soft\FMRTE 17) Set Application Detection Level to 'none'