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  1. This will be fixed in the next build
  2. check your inbox from 5 days ago


  3. respond to my message please

  4. FMRTE 16 for Windows

    Currently FMRTE will show you the UEFA Coefficients if your country belongs to the EU, so yes, there is an issue for other countries that do not belong to EU. We'll take a look into this
  5. FMRTE 16 for Windows

    FMRTE 16.3.1 Build 31 - Released Download: FMRTE Auto Update or Fixed Staff search filter Save Mass Edit filter settings Nations UEFA Coefficients Kits and Colors for some clubs
  6. Euro Coeficients (Champions Cup)

    This will be fixed with build 31
  7. Hi, Can't reproduce that issue here
  8. Hello, Please check if there is any error.log in FMRTE folder, if there is one, please attach it here so we can take a look at it Cheers
  9. Hi, Please update to the latest version of FMRTE, and see if the problem persists. Thanks
  10. unable to change anything in "kits and colours"

    Fixed on build 31
  11. This bug should be fixed on build 30
  12. FMRTE 16 constant crashes

    Hi, Please update to a newer version
  13. Staff Presets can't be saved for mass editing

    Both issues are fixed on build 31
  14. Error message [FMRTE v16.3.1 (build 29)]

    Should be fixed in build 30
  15. Hi, What version of FMRTE are you using? Please update to the latest version, and if there is an error.log file in FMRTE Folder ,please attach it here so we can take a look at it Thanks