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  1. iFMRTE for Mac

    FMRTE 16.3.1Build 28- Released Download: Fixed Freeze attributes Added Support for FM 16.3.1game version
  2. FMRTE 16 for Windows

    Problem fixed
  3. iFMRTE for Mac

    An updated version of iFMRTE should be released later tomorrow
  4. Howlong to update FMRTE 16.3.1

    Update was released, so I'm closing this topic
  5. Update for FM

    Update was released, so I'm closing this topic
  6. Not support version 16,3,1 789819

    Update was released, so I'm closing this topic
  7. FMRTE not working

    Update was released, so I'm closing this topic
  8. FMRTE 16 for Windows

    FMRTE 16.3.1Build 28- RELEASED Download: FMRTE Auto-Update or Changelog -Build 28 Added Support for FM 16.3.1 game version
  9. FM 16 updated to version 16.3.1

    We will release an updated version later this weekend, so for now, I suggest to keep steam in offline mode Cheers
  10. fmrte14 not working on windows 10

    Hi, We do notofficially support Windows 10 withFMRTE 14, but it should work (itworks here..) Do you have the latest version of FMRTE 14 installed? Can you please tell me if there is any error.log file in FMRTE folder? Also, can you download this tool to check the .NET Framework versions you have installed post here the results? Thanks
  11. Using FMRTE in a Network Game?

    Hello, FMRTE was never tested by us in a network environment, but using it as a host should work fine. Can you please tell me what happens for example when you press the Legend button? Thanks
  12. Won't save changes

    Hello, Can you tell me what you are editing in FMRTE when it freezes? Also, try to do this, in order to give us more details Go to FMRTE Settings and enable Debug Mode Press Load Game button Use FMRTE normally, and when it freezes, close it and send us the error.log file (that's inside FMRTE Folder) Thanks
  13. iFMRTE for Mac

    FMRTE 16.3.0 Build 27- Released Download: Fixed An error that ocurred when searching An error when changing the player Attacking position value Improved Loading game data speed Added Support for FM Touch 16.3.0 game version Clubs Debs Clubs Sponsors Match Preparation can now be edited in all teams of the Club/Nation
  14. Doesn't support FM Touch (OS X)?

    The latest version (build 27) supports that version
  15. STRIKER don't saved

    Fixed on build 27, please update