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  1. I'm not sure FMRTE will be able to do anything, but can you provide us with your savegame so we can take a look at it? Thanks
  2. Hi, We're aware of this issue, and we're trying to find a way to fix it, as soon as we have it, I'll let you know. Thanks
  3. If anyone has a savegame before this happen with a step-by-step how to reproduce this issue, it would be nice
  4. Looking into this, thanks
  5. Thanks, for reporting it, I'll take a look
  6. Hi, Can you please describe step-by-step what you do, so I can try to replicate the issue here. Thanks
  7. Hi, Can you please take a screenshot with your Club Finances in FMRTE, and tell me what have you changed Thanks
  8. Hi, I'll look into this, can please someone provide me a step-by-step guide about how to reproduce it? Thanks
  9. Looking at it
  10. I can't reproduce this issue in here. If anyone can replicate it easily, please share your savegame (dropbox for ex), and describe step-by-step how to replicate it Thanks
  11. Hi, That profile was created using iFMRTE, that unfortunatelly had an issue exporting/importing players profiles. You cannot use any profile exported with an iFMRTE version inferior to the build 12 Thanks
  12. Hi, I cannot reproduce that issue here, can you please send me the player file that you cannot import? Thanks
  13. FMRTE 17.2.1 (build 14) - Released Download: Changelog Added Support for 17.2.1 game version
  14. FMRTE 17.2.1 (build 14) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or Changelog Added Support for 17.2.1 game version
  15. nao esta sendo possivel abrir fmrte da erro de suporte de versao..houve uma actualizacao do steam e ficou assim...

    sabe quando o fmrte actualiza tambem ?