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  1. Got it, I'll add that option for players with staff attributes
  2. Update to the latest version (build 8) it should fix your problem
  3. As far as I know, in FM there is no specific date for brexit, I had a savegame where it happened in 2021 besides that, they implemented 3 different types of brexit, you can read more (
  4. You can't remove the player injury?
  5. I've tested in a few savegames, and it should work if you do this: Go to England Press the '+' in the agreements to add a new one Set the new agreement as 'European Union ' Press save
  6. FMRTE 17.1.2 (Build 8) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or Changelog Added Ability to add/remove nations agreements (you can remove brexit) Nations generated players settings Nations Max Youth Age. Nations does not allow dual nationality setting Person names can now be edited without being limited to the previous name length Fixed Competitions reputation setted to '0' when saving competition changes Players and staff not being loaded in some rare cases

    Dear Braca team.

    Could you please support for fixed cup tied problem as save below.


    Thanks <3

  8. Hi, Can you please provide us a savegame and give us some examples, so we can try to replicate it here Thanks
  9. Hi, Please give us more details about your problem, for example, what version of Windows do you have, version of FMRTE you have installed... And attach the error.log file (should be at c:\BraCaSoft\FMRTE 17)
  10. Thanks, I was able to replicate it, it will be fixed in the next version
  11. Can you upload your savegame to dropbox, or some other file host ,so we can try to replicate it here? Thanks
  12. Hi, Can you please do this: Go to FMRTE Settings Enable 'Debug MODE' Press save Press Load Game Then attach the error.log file that is inside FMRTE Folder (usually c:\BraCa Soft\FMRTE 17) Thanks
  13. Can't reproduce that iFMRTE does not have a settings window neither a way to change it's language, those features might be added in future releases (although, they're currently on our priority list for macOS) FMRTE cannot add new future transfers, but you should be able to edit an existent one, if you can't please let me know, and give me more details
  14. Only staff attributes are being freezed, staff knowledge is not But that's something that we might try to add in a future release
  15. Hi, This issue should be fixed in the next release Thanks