Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

You should wait for a new version of FMRTE compatible with your game version, but please be aware, that there is no GUARANTEE that FMRTE will be able to support future game patches!
If you want to keep using FMRTE, you should play the game with STEAM in offline mode, or you can, make a full backup of your game folder, so you can restore it later
Use our online store to purchase a license for FMRTE.
As soon as your payment is confirmed, your license will be available in your Client Area

NOTE: If you used eCheck as payment method, then it takes longer for you to get your license key. eChecks are one type of bank payment and usually take 4-6 business days to process.
Yes, you can use the same license key to activate FMRTE in two or three different computers that you own.
Please note that if we detect that your keep has been shared, we'll add it to our blacklist.
No, you helped us in the past so you have the right to request a license for FMRTE - FM12.

To claim your license, please contact us by email, with all details about your donation you have.
For other editions of FMRTE, you will have to purchase a new license.
Yes, you can activate your copy of FMRTE manually. During this process you will need a computer with access to internet so you can get your license file.

To activate FMRTE offline, please go to

Problems and questions related with activations

FMRTE can be activated online or offline (for computers that doesn't have access to the internet).
The activation process is very simple, please take a look at our video tutorial:
ERROR: You reached the maximum number of activations for your license key. (-201)
Solution: Request more activations for your license.
Goto your Client Area, select the license that needs more activations, and press the button.
General activation failure.
Details: Your license file is too old and has expired, please start the activation process from the beginning
Solution: This happens when you try to use an old license file in the offline activation process.
Don't worry there is no problem with your license, you just need to delete the old license file you've got from our website and start the offline activation from the beginning.
The activation server encountered an internal error
Solution: This only happens for FMRTE - FM12 users that are using an old version of FMRTE.
To fix this you just need to download the latest version of FMRTE for FM12 (5.2.5)
Contact us by submitting a Support Request, through your Client Area (Support tab)

Problems and questions related with FMRTE Mobile

FMRTE Mobile is currently available on Google Play Store
No. FMRTE Mobile requires FMRTE for Windows (build 36 at least), and it was designed to allow you to control your game with your mobile/tablet.
FMRTE Mobile is completely FREE and does not require any license key to work. Although, to save changes, you need to have a valid license key for your FMRTE for Windows.
The Server Address will appear on FMRTE status bar (for ex, "Mobile Service:"). If you have problems connecting, make sure your mobile phone/tablet is connected to the same network as your PC.
Also, you might need to add an exception to your firewall rules, if you need to do so, the port that FMRTE uses is 6525.
Connection took longer than expected
Make sure FMRTE is running
  1. You must have FMRTE for Windows running.
  2. Make sure that the Server Address on FMRTE Mobile is the right one.
  3. Your PC and mobile device should be on the same network.
  4. Add FMRTE to your firewall exceptions list (on your PC).
    If needed, the port FMRTE uses is the 6525.
Contact us by submitting a Support Request, through your Client Area (Support tab)